Make money

For a long time, I always said that I should take it slowly. Many people said that it should not be slow. I said that it was okay. Of course, you should be careful when doing things, but you should make decisions faster. I missed a lot because I was too slow. Recently, I have […]


What a quiet and gentle word! At first glance, you will feel fresh and refined like Lotus, and taste it carefully; It is a kind of micro-Zen realm with clear heart and light desire! When I read Tao Yuanming’s words of Wen duo, who was a simple person, and was happy to count the morning […]


Time, like light and shadow flashing, fleeting years like water, years, and secretly alienated, flowers fall, full of dust listening to the wind! The flowing water listens to the wind, and tends to walk in the everlasting journey of life. The years are too short. The strangers of Qingping and SangYu are those that have […]

That a

At sunset, the dusk was late, and the breeze touched my face, only in pairs. The messy hair flew freely without restraint, and even the skirt hanging down to my ankles danced lightly. While walking outside the factory, I enjoy this moment alone. No matter it is easy or heavy to walk, there is no […]


As soon as I got to work this morning, teacher Wu in the office asked me a question: Mr. Kang, do you know what “Tai Sui” is? I dare not answer directly, because I really can’t say clearly, only know that it is a very magical thing. However, it is also because I know that […]


I always feel that the years are in a hurry, and fate is like a naughty child, making a joke on you unconsciously. However, when we get used to this kind of thing, we all learn how to deal with it, among which there are many protesters, but 9% and nine became ideal slaves. There […]


Recalling without answers occasionally saw a magazine introducing the world civilization, turning to the brute Garden in Vancouver, and picking up the memory of several years of lucky travel in memory, which was already very vague, it is even more impossible to remember many details. What is still fresh in my memory is its beauty, […]


In the dead of night, the sound of children and the darkness gradually sank. Outside the window, there were occasionally several cicadas, dotted with the silence of the night. Finally, I can throw myself into the sofa and rest the fatigue of the day. At this time, I like to open WeChat lazily, or take […]

I love

It was last autumn. With a happy mood, I rushed to the happy mood, in order to meet you. As soon as you were in your arms, you hugged me with fire-like enthusiasm. Happiness blows my mouth, pieces of red leaves, waving to me frequently, attracting me to your side. In autumn, you are so […]

Dark Night

Everyone may have such an experience. In the silent dark night, you can’t see your fingers, but your eyes are open. Perhaps, you are just recalling and imagining with your eyes open, looking inside and introspecting. You see time and youth passing by, but no matter you open your eyes or fall asleep, that time […]