Grow up lonely sad people, don’t cry, we are all the same, born lonely. Face every heartbreak with your smile, because we are born Lonely This is a song of uncle Wang Feng born lonely. I don’t know why, I always like Wang Feng’s songs very much. Maybe Wang Feng is a singer who writes […]


Cold in Sanjiu, hot in Sanfu. These are two sayings that have been circulated in the folk for a long time. Sanfu and Sanjiu are all talking about solar terms. When autumn has finished its mission, we will not hesitate to transfer the continuation of solar terms to beginning of winter. When our feet have […]


During the summer vacation when my son was seven years old, I took him to other places to participate in the Piano Competition. There was an expert comment, and the expert who commented was Professor Cai who was famous in the Academy of Arts, what he said made it worthwhile for us to take part […]

Please you

On the evening of Valentine’s Day, my wife fell asleep early. I went out alone with Jingnan and Mingyu. When I was approaching the parking lot, I chased the car in front of me. Although nothing happened, but it seriously affected my mood when I was traveling, and my mood was a little bad. Holding […]


It was very quiet in the heart of the house which had not entered for a week. The first thing to follow the list was to take care of the flowers and plants in every corner of the room to see how they grew in a week and whether they were short of water. As […]

Autumn Wind

The heat wave in midsummer flooded the earth like a flood. Suddenly, a breeze gently swept through the sky, sweeping away the sensual power in the hot summer. With the drizzle, the floating rain moistened the withered land like nectar. Autumn comes quietly. Facing the light autumn, staring at the sky, the rain was flowing […]


Thinking that one afternoon, I just did nothing, just sitting quietly, listening to songs, writing and writing, and letting all my thoughts fly thousands of miles away and ignore them. Maybe when it comes to a special season, all the mess will burst out with the accumulation of the past, which can not restrain the […]


As a child, every day looking forward to new year soon, home has a saying: children hope new year, adults hope Must Farm. Slip into lunar December, every day count the days, and 29 days, 28 days …… 15 days …… wish night wake up, new year situated just a. Adults busy in advance do […]


The night came quietly, and a kind of unspeakable loneliness hit my heart. My heart became restless, and I always felt that the whole room was fluttering with hazy drizzle. I opened the door and stared at the sky. I wish there was a bright moon in my vision at this time. However, the gray […]

Said tea

I like tea. I didn’t like tea when I was young, and I always felt that tea was bitter and astringent. But when I came home from school every day, when I was thirsty, I always went to my father to drink the tea he made, and my father always scolded: OK, OK, I will […]