Gongyuan came quietly in 2015, but the Sino-Japanese year of-in the lunar calendar did not replace the year of Yiwei. The Chinese used to use the emperor’s title and Tiangan Earth branch to mark the year at the same time. Until the founding of the People’s Republic, it began to mark the year according to […]


Today, I have a rest, and finally I can put down the trifles and complexity of the world, sit quietly beside the computer and do what I want to do. Today, I have a rest, and finally I don’t have to go through the journey, go with the flow, and chase those things that I […]


The artistic conception of a poem, a journey of love, a warmth of love, and a lifetime of holding hands! —- Inscribing time will not go backwards, which brings you gifts and also takes away what you cherish. Just like life, what you get will surely lose something. Sometimes learning to forget while walking is […]

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Speaking of recitation, I couldn’t help thinking of a poetry recitation contest organized in my class when I was in college. But at that time, although I also listened to some celebrities’ recitations on the radio. But I don’t know that recitation is also a deep knowledge. As for me, I only recited Ji Yu’s […]


The sunshine is very good, the clothes are so hot that the heat goes through the fiber to the skin, which makes people feel a little dizzy. A newly bought deck chair also smells of light paint. I closed my eyes slightly and lay on it, bathing in the sunshine. The air flows slowly, bringing […]

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I am more vulnerable than others. When I was a child, I saw a local whose face was livid but dyed pale yellow hair, which scared me that I dare not dye my hair till now. When I was a child, I accidentally found a large scar on my playmate’s chest, which was left by […]


To be ashamed, it was the first time for a man to take a plane in his forties. He walked into the cabin through a long corridor. Under the warm and polite invitation of the flight attendant, he found his seat, put away his luggage, and then turned off his mobile phone according to, fasten […]


For many years, I like prose, but few people know it. Like Lao She, Lu Xun and Zhu Ziqing. But I can never compare with these literary giants. I know that I am just a common people who can’t even count as a character. But people must have dreams when they are alive, no matter […]


Leaving memories over the years, I have formed the habit of sending a real letter to my family every time I go there. Envelopes are usually used in the hotels where they live. Fortunately, the current hotels generally have envelopes marked with the name of the hotel for passengers to use. If the hotel does […]


When you are in a bad mood, go out and walk aimlessly without anyone’s company. Only one person walks quietly. You can walk as fast as you want. You can walk as far as you want. I can’t see the traffic around me clearly. I am addicted to a person’s world. I can think about […]