Because I am relatively simple, my writing is more persistent, because I think it must be very good and good to do one thing best. However, some people may think that if they are wrong, they will stick to it. If there is no market, they will stick to it. How to do it. My […]

Yuan expanse

Driving home outside at noon, I met a friend walking on the roadside and took a ride on the way. After his friend got off the bus, he looked at his relaxed figure and suddenly thought of many past events about hitchhiking. My hometown is in the most remote Hetao village in southern Shandong. When […]


On a rainy afternoon, my second brother and I went to the home of brother Mei, the writer of today’s writers association, who was once my roommate! When you enter a literary family, you feel that your vulgar taste and bad taste are a little incompatible with this. The host’s warm hospitality and harmonious conversation […]


Is that you? Or is it me. I looked at the dozens of paper full of words and searched for a long time. I can’t find my tears, but I know that I write about the beauty of life, and you are criticizing my troubles. Is that you? Or is it me. Along the way, […]


(1) the water in the Cup was lying there, and did not fall asleep. The weather in autumn is always gloomy and cold, and putting Buddha in contains a cool atmosphere. The heaviness in the sky, with darkness, the Sun could not pierce the dark clouds, or he could not melt the cold, because this […]


Mom said, the winter solstice is coming, and it’s time to count nine. But I am afraid of the cold, although I am ready to keep out the cold. A cold, numbness, light frostbite, heavy then pi kai rou po. But it is too hot, and it is not suitable for me. A little hot, […]

Spring *

Why is there a little coolness when the breeze blows over the face? A touch of fingertips, wet, feels salty. I always see the camphora trees on both sides of the road shed leaves in spring, which may also be one of them. It is obvious that they have passed the severe winter. Walking on […]


I saw a photograph in the Naiman restaurant in this city, my hometown town, daqintala town under the night. Although the scenery was bright and glorious, I searched for it, but I didn’t find any shadow of the past. In that quiet night, I dreamed of the small town of my hometown, which was called […]


If giving is a kind of happiness, why be stingy? My attitude towards network friends is: I am intersecting with you, as light as water. \network is like a mirror, which can clearly reflect you and me in reality. It is said that the Internet is virtual, but I think it is real. I always […]


When I was fifteen or sixteen years old, in the hot summer, I rode a bicycle with my friends and traveled more than 20 kilometers to Shanglin Lake, beside the reservoir dam stands a stone tablet of Shanglin Lake Yue Yao site, a national key cultural relic protection unit. At that time, the roads and […]