My heart

How many beautiful hopes do you bring to the place where the sun is rising; Where the sun is setting, there are actually sweet dreams; Where the sun is rising, how many muddy sorrows do you have to think about? Facing the rising sun together, it is as beautiful and open as xiangyanghua …… an […]

And you

The drizzle in midsummer is trickle, just like the petals that have been scattered in your heart, waving one after another, wet your memory, and the line of Friendship connects me and you. According to your appointment, I will accompany you all the way. You don’t know where to start. Standing by the bridge, your […]

Sitting alone

Sitting alone in the late autumn, holding your head high, the sky is flowing like clouds, no longer rolling like tide; Lowering your head, the river valley is flowing like a gentle girl; Staring at the mountains, covered with a layer of faint hazy; Looking back at the years, people are drifting and. Sitting alone […]

Casual does not

Most people see sweet happiness. Only oneself knows that everything is false. Every family has a hard book to read, and everyone has a hard heart. Each pair has its own troubles, so it is best to carry everything by yourself. I am particularly tired of listening to other people’s trivial matters, especially unwilling to […]


In the spring two years ago, I came to Langzhong, which I had never heard of before. In the spring one year ago, I dared to write down my feelings about Langzhong for the first time. This year, it was another spring. After I tasted all the tastes of life, I finally got my wish […]


(1) most of the things are limited, and the so-called infinite can only be to some extent. The term of the year has passed, and the time dimension of the year has opened the door. I met and lost all the way. A well-written story has never been deduced. There were also high-profile swearing and […]


There is an alley where I live. It is a small road on the main road, which is very remote. I seldom take this road because it is narrow and partial. In the white crane town of Shanghai, there are many small streets and alleys, many old houses, densely populated and numerous houses. Today, I […]


Learn to enjoy a life that can let us live with the circumstances with an attitude of keeping pace with the circumstances. When I was eager to meet many years ago, I wanted to meet many years later, I met a lot, and what I heard seemed to be more beautiful and poetic than what […]


My mother called me last night, saying that there was a little thing that needed me to go there, and asked me to take my two sons to lunch by the way. It seemed that the little thing was just an introduction, thinking that my two treasures were real. Early in the morning, just washed […]


I will give you news on Wednesday and Thursday! This is the words given by the interviewer after the written examination of the TV newspaper office. He told me that it was quite busy to publish on Tuesday, so the result would be later. Although it will be late, my heart is bright and clear. […]