After thinking for a long time, I wanted to write another article about bamboo, but I didn’t know how to write it, so I decided to search the prose about bamboo on the Internet and click the search content, “Random Thoughts of bamboo inside and outside the wall” popped up on the website. I looked […]


In July, the first half of 2015 is over. The second half of 2015 is just beginning. The past has passed and time cannot be retained. No matter how depressed the market is and how decadent the mood is, the life still has to go on. There are many hopes in the future. Dreams and […]


Suddenly, the spring breeze comes at night, and thousands of trees and pears bloom. When I got up in the morning, my sleepy eyes were still a little sleepy, so I saw something strange outside. The mountains in front of the building seem to be coated with silver. Could there be snow? Snow has always […]

Twist Spring

When spring comes, is the warmth not far away? I would like to write about the spring in my writing, love the pink and Willow Green, love the gurgling streams, love the light clouds and clear winds, love the long grass and the flying of warblers. Yes, I love too much in my life, just […]


In the countryside, I have several tile houses. In the front wall, the lower half is slate, and the upper half is Drape; In the middle partition wall, the dado is plank, and the upper part is Drape; The back wall is made of stone piers, there is no slurry and mud, and there are […]


Tonight, I didn’t have to work overtime. I took a hot bath and lay on the bed to have a comfortable sleep, eliminating the fatigue accumulated in a week. But somehow, my eyes were closed, but I was sleepy. The past of the past clearly emerged in front of my eyes. Time seemed to flow […]

Yao non-

In the morning, climb up, wash and dry your hair. When I looked in the mirror, I saw two strings of blond hair on the left half, which were extremely conspicuous in the dense black. At first, it was red, dazzling red, but now the color faded, yellow is still dazzling. With the wet hair […]

The years

Years Kong-style gone, from this festival is passersby. The taste of the New Year seems to have its own golden age, which is undoubtedly the mark of childhood. The older you grow, the more boring you feel about the new year. Looking back at those years, I was still young. Every new year, there are […]

Often back in

New Year, New Year, New Year today. The train of the Spring Festival is just like a long dragon, running again in the Spring Festival after a year. Student flow, migrant workers flow and family visit flow once again became the mainstream of the Spring Festival. The narrow and narrow carriage carried passengers from all […]


With the end of the exam, there were fewer and fewer people in the school. Most canteens also posted notices announcing that they were closed. The commercial streets crowded with hawkers on weekdays also became empty. Walking in such a university campus, there is a peace that is not common in daily life. Although it […]