People in the mountains are 165 kilometers from the county town to the place where they work. People who see them on the roads are basically living on the mountains, or by the river. And there are people on every mountain, which is called layer by layer! The population of the village where we work […]

Winter snow

The gloomy sky seemed to be pressed down from the air without any transparency. It finally couldn’t bear the loneliness near the evening, scattering the white snowflakes down and fluttering into the world of mortals one after another. In the cold spring night and snow night, a kind of inexplicable loneliness made me shiver. Subconsciously, […]

In powder

I like prose in my childish dream, Tao Yuanming’s “Peach Blossom Spring”, Zhu Ziqing’s “Lotus and Moonlight”, Ouyang Xiu’s “Autumn Fu”, liu zhanqiu’s “four seasons of Rain” once drove my imagination like that. Whether it is a textbook or a book, the starry sky of prose has an attraction to me. In the middle school […]


If the coarse tea and light rice can raise my common heart, then the life wandering in the fragrance of ink and calligraphy can add poetic flavor to the years and add a taste and love of life at the same time. This was the case before, especially after. There is no doubt that life […]


Mr. Feng Zikai was deeply influenced by Master Hongyi (Li Shutong) and believed in Buddhism all his life. He was not only a devout Buddhist, but also a cartoonist and prose master admired by the world. Mr. Feng Zikai’s paintings are very homely, and he doesn’t pursue any peculiar oddity in the landscaping and writing, […]


Those years when I was a journalist I am in 1985, I was employed as an editor by tourism Times magazine through strict examination. At that time, Beijing Press and Publication Bureau decided to merge the two magazines into one because there were two travel magazines, Tourism times and tourism, whose contents were similar, the […]


Sometimes I also feel that the hurried time will take something away, just like taking away the silt from the river. I can see nothing at the end of the long river, and I don’t know whether the silt has sunk to the bottom, still wandering, or maybe mixed with water mist sublimated. How far […]


The bloody canyang dragged a long figure and gradually escaped away from the distant Camel Bell. The green grass overflowed the cobblestone paved exquisite and delicate path. The towering trees on the roadside covered the sky over the ancient road, in this empty valley, the ancient road is like a fallen giant lying quietly in […]


I stood by the beautiful Jianjie River. The verdant green mountains surrounded the dark green river, and the river was covered with green grass blanket. Looking far away at the river, a group of white birds were playing and foraging in a place with trees along the river. I thought they were a group of […]


Retirement can’t return the green affection. Every year on the Bayi Army Day, the fleeting military career is boiling in my heart! Looking back on the past, I think hard and sweet. This great historical festival commemorating the founding of the Army, love leads my green youth, and I am destined to be a man […]