In the winter of lunar December, Jiuzhaigou Valley is rare and quiet. Deep into the ditch, it is no longer the scenery like green landscape paintings, but when you see the frozen waterfall, the clouds and snow covered with mountains, and the vast and gray forest and snow fields, it seems that you have broken […]

Yan Long

In 2005, I just took part in the work. It was my first real travel in my life. I went to Longmen Grottoes in Henan province. In Fengxian Temple, the tour guide was very enthusiastic and said that you are here today. There is an eminent monk who is just a guest in Fengxian Temple. […]


What kind of realm is that? Have you ever been so calm? Similar to before going to sleep, open your eyes and look at your home! It is similar to sitting in the crowd, lonely but free to meditate! If you can, then come on, now let’s see. At present, my left hand is a […]


Most of the friends I know are addicted to drinking and drinking, so most of them don’t cook. Every phone date always says, where is it? Which hotel? Arrive? And the reason for the delay is often just to pick up the child, but never to say: Cooking at home! I will give them a […]

Spring sleep

I always think March is the best month of the year. If I color all the months, I think March must be pink. When I see March, I will think of the peach blossom. The wind in March is very soft, and the wind is not cold on the face; The rain is very thin, […]


I cried when I got up early in the morning to watch TV. Moved by the tranquil life between an ordinary couple, although they are not rich, even their bodies are incomplete. His wife was healthy, 1.68 tall, and dignified; Her husband was a disabled person, and his lower body was completely paralyzed, with a […]


No matter how strong a person is, there will be a fragile side in her heart, let alone a person who is not very strong in her heart. Although sometimes she is a little confused and a little slow to respond, but after a long time, you will find something. People are hard to be […]

qi yue

In the early morning of July, the breeze was slowly blowing, and the lotus leaves were swaying in the wind, just like the green sea. In the early morning of July, the Lotus was fragrant, and the flowers in bud were looming among the green leaves, just like the shy girl hiding and refusing to […]


He lay on the bed quietly, imagining the way she got on the bus. She was very beautiful, with a shocking mouth and a deep scar around her eyes, it added some different beauty to her face between maturity and naivety, which could be called Demon governance and full of evil temptation. She doesn’t look […]


It has been one and a half years since I wrote something. On the contrary, I haven’t cleaned up some things well. These things include all kinds of things in life. Some time ago, I saw a paragraph, which roughly means that people, whether their own life is happiness or suffering, enjoy or bear by […]