This life

Carrying the full whisper, through the fleeting pen and the thin paper, everything can be like a floating cloud, but it hurts the wind and rain in such a casual room, it caused a few tears. If you can be strong, clean up your messy emotions, and be a brave Walker unyielding, you must go […]


What is love? Although I have written numerous talks about love in space and several diaries about love, when my friend asked me this question, I still thought for a long time and didn’t know how to answer it. What is love? Love is an eternal topic. For thousands of years, countless literati and writers […]


I have long heard that Xinhua has a Sanlian cave, which is known as the last secret territory in central Hunan. Friends who have been there say that although there are no strange mountains and rivers there, it is elegant and fresh, which is worth visiting. The day before yesterday was my imaginary birthday. In […]

Way back

It was very late to get out of my friend’s house. I turned into a secluded road next to the big riverbank, which probably indicated my choice. Although it is quiet, it is also very rough. I drove down the car, and the wheels ran over the gloomy Moonlight silently. The lights of the car […]


In my lifetime, the sea is my dream lover. The first time I saw his appearance was the golden moment before the winter afternoon and New Year’s Eve. It was really hard for me to get rid of the complicated depression such as homesickness and homesickness for the first time. I dressed myself up carefully […]


In the past, I always liked to use this topic when writing things. The reason was very simple, because I couldn’t think of a better topic to replace it, so I was lazy, to say, the reason why I first used it was that I saw Li Shangyin wrote a lot of untitled poems. Although […]


Books are the eternal fragrance of life, while tea is the source of this faint fragrance. Taking reading as daily life is also considered as the best habit in human life. ——- Inscription reading is an act of wisdom. Taking books as companions in life, taking books as friends, treating each other with sincerity, integrating […]


Heart in words wandering thoughts, ups and downs between a mind in spring in the steps of fly out heart window, dance in the glabella \\\\\\ look, everything will wake up sound looked at stream cheerful flowing heart also follow floor with a dream hanging Spring of eyebrow curved in \\\\\\ in spring in the […]


Spring, to prise. This winter, which just passed, was extremely cold. The wind cooled down again and again, and the cold waves attacked one by one, all of which failed to deter Miss Chun’s footsteps. She still came with solid steps. Spring returns to the Earth, everything is renewed, the earth begins to change into […]


Just turning around, it was the misty rain. Stepping into the deep of the night with a patch of muddy water, the dim light reflected the rain beads on his face. At that moment, loneliness climbed into my heart. I wrote poems alone in The Flowers of May, sitting on the stone beside the water […]