Years Kong-style

The year is going to be worshiped. Most of the time, those relatives who have gone loose even need to pay a visit and worship in the spring of the year. In my impression, every spring in my hometown is drizzle, which drenched the ridge and path as slippery as mud. If I don’t pay […]


The Spring Festival has already passed, and the following weather is still cold, but the sunshine is much brighter than before. Counting the solar terms one after another, looking forward to the most beautiful season of that year when spring is warm and flowers bloom. The weather of this spring is changeable, with snow flying […]

You in

Spring breeze such as guest, a to the bustling! The warm breeze made passers-by linger. The green, the powder and the quiet spring water all made people sigh the charm of spring! Come to sweep thousands of mountains and snow, and leave flowers to all nations! In the fields of the countryside, there are still […]


After waking up, everything is still void. Some people often hate waiting, fear waiting, and even escape waiting. I always hope that I can arrive as soon as I set out, succeed as soon as I act, and get together with relatives and friends as soon as I separate. This feeling certainly looks beautiful, but […]

si yue

From placing my home at the foot of Nanshan Mountain, I had an indissoluble bond with the peach forest on the slope. The peach forest was like a lover who made me look forward to it in the winter and appreciate and praise the peach blossom in the cold spring, peach blossom is the earliest […]


From the beginning of primary school, I have never felt relaxed. I have been under great pressure all the time. Till now, these pressures and worries are still active in my life continuously. When I was in primary school, I had to finish my homework every day. I had to do formal homework at noon. […]


The Haunted south of the Yangtze River is like the beauty in the ancient lady’s painting, with decent clothes, graceful and graceful walking down from the painting, holding a high bun, slender eyebrows, slightly open apricot eyes, a classical and elegant flavor, let people linger. Long and dark alleys, jade stone railings, fresh water-like atmosphere, […]

Living Law

I think the most beautiful thing in the world is the meteor in the sky, and the true feelings that a person naturally reveals from the bottom of his heart. Meteors and true feelings can only be obtained through careful feelings. Especially true feelings, which are invisible and difficult for people to express clearly in […]


If you want to drift from one city to another, you will be a little lonely without any friends. I thought that in such a big world, everyone cherishes each other in happiness. No one can dominate anyone, and no one is the leading role of another person’s life. But if you think like this, […]


The first article of 2015 tells me how to write it? I was confused. Write and tear, tear and write, from dawn to sunset, throwing a lot of draft paper, still unable to write. Blessings must be sent out. When I am familiar with QQ, I forget mobile phone text messages. In fact, what I […]