In the evening, my uncle called me and said that something happened to my father. The old couple quarreled a lot at home and fought with each other. My father was so angry that he couldn’t stand it. He asked me to buy quick-acting heart-saving pills and send them to me. My father was always […]

In road

I don’t know when I started to have the same dream. In my dream, I was still an ignorant teenager, either walking to school or walking to grandma’s house. Anyway, I always walked on the road. Coming out from home to the west, passing a long alley, Jia Xiaofei’s home, Zhao Lili’s home, and then […]


In a trance, wake up. Time is like what I said. I haven’t had time to count my memory before I was fifteen years old. Can’t remember. There are many people in this world. Various. Thousands of millions. I can’t balance anyone. Sure. You also. Totally different memories. There are many unknowns hidden, which cannot […]

A curtain

A curtain of dreams on the bus this morning, there were not many people, but there were no seats left. As soon as I got on the bus, I found a slightly empty territory and stood up, looking out of the window bored: outside the window, the drizzle was misty. Trees, houses and people in […]

It’s not

In April, when spring blossoms and mountain flowers are romantic, the 23rd of last week was World Reading Day. As the chief director, I said in the opening remarks: Books are the precious wealth of human beings and the crystallization of experience, it is the cornerstone of the future. The activity lasted for more than […]


Memory of Collection: when it comes to collection, it seems to be a very distant thing. In other words, it was a story that would disappear forever. When I was young, when it came to festivals and new year, my family would take out the candies they bought early and put them on the table. […]

san yue

The enthusiastic introduction of the tour guide gave me a sense of pride that I hadn’t seen for a long time. I didn’t expect that my hometown was like this! The eyebrows in my eyes are full of pride! On the endless tidal flat, the windmills of the wind power station leisurely rotate its huge […]


In May, I stood in the path of time and grazed my soul. I closed my eyes and looked back at the past. I had experienced several vicissitudes and ups and downs, and everything in my life was like smoke and clouds. The Four Seasons of Life, the alternation of cold and summer, have entered […]


The third memory of Collection: Open the stamp book, open the box, pieces of hard matchboxes, pieces of rich stamps, lighters one by one, and present them one by one. Walking from the depth of time, I was speechless to describe the dusty memories one by one, the stories of time one by one, a […]


Inside the iron fence on Guangming Road, under a row of tall poplar trees, there was a row of rare but clean red brick houses. At the door of a room, my son wants to deliver water here. At that time, the sound of the city came from the street, bustling, unspeakable, vulgar and mysterious. […]