In the cold morning, the Dawn had not penetrated through the night, and the street lamp had gone out. The flashing lights were the car lights and early vendors. I rode alone through the cold morning wind, watching the withered branches on the roadside trees shaking, seeing the continuous leaves and grass on the roadside, […]

Summer non-

I listened to Wen Lan’s summer wind on the roof, but even there was no wind on the roof. The weather was still hot and airtight, and several insects under the window were constantly blowing, it is time to write the book of songs for Liangliang. Is it about Bodhisattva or Xijiangyue? Will your face […]


Because I work in other places, I always come and go home in a hurry every time. It’s almost eight years old. The days of gathering less and leaving more are getting used to it. There is no way. In order to live, we have to travel between the two places. Every time I leave, […]

In road

Time passed by at your fingertips. You left that sad city A that day. You told yourself that no matter you were working or feeling, you fell down. It didn’t matter. Everything could start from scratch. You said, you believe that the girl who loves laughing will not be too unlucky. Only I know that […]


You said: You are like a woman! When I was young, I came here like a leaf. I won a sincere smile with hard work. I have seen flowers and flowers, and I have seen the falling clouds. I am not the daughter’s call to you. You are reluctant to stay away from your colleagues […]


Qu Bo called and invited me to visit his paired child Dongyang. Did I call him? Is he at home? Qu Bo said, no one answered the phone, why don’t you call one for me? The phone was over, and the hoarse voice of Dongyang’s grandmother came. I asked her if she was at home […]


Sometimes life will make a big joke for you, and give you a surprise! In life, sometimes we cannot control ourselves, so we can only accept and cannot escape. The sun rises from east to west and falls from West is everlasting. We only have to accept it and there is no other way. The […]

Twilight province

In my opinion, education is to guide the existing things in students’ souls into something that is not available there. I don’t call it education. I called immune from other. Having seen many explanations and understandings of education from people at all times and in all over the world, I am only fond of the […]

Find self

Chatting with friends, I asked: What do you usually do when you meet people you don’t like? Several girls said neatly: how to do it? Go away! Ignore, automatically block, ignore! The reactions of other girls are different, but they are also quite consistent: I usually look for reasons from myself, and think that I […]


The clock ticked and time went by. The moon was full and the moon was short. Walking on the road of life, unconsciously, I stepped into the ranks of 40 years old. Looking back suddenly, I can’t help sighing that I am already a middle-aged woman of 40 years old. I am not only confused […]