Shangguoer is a quiet mountain village, especially in the winter of slack farming. This kind of quietness is not a piece of artificial quietness that people take great pains to squeeze out in the boiling and noisy city, but a kind of nature, a simple original ecology that has not been broken. Therefore, in this […]

Early warm

The grass grows and the warblers fly, and March, which is warm in spring, comes unconsciously. This kind of blowing warmth is somewhat unprepared, but no matter what? It still came …… the wheat seedlings in the field and the weeds along the road were growing crazily, regardless of what they would encounter when they […]


During the three-day May Day holiday, both my husband and children went to the mountains to play. Listen to them, the Cherry of the mountain is ripe, and the whole mountain is dyed red. According to them, the kitten on the mountain became a mother and added a few cute kitty babies. Listen to them, […]

Early Heart

When I wrote down these words, I didn’t know what it was like. It was unforgettable at the beginning and not easy at all. From the original pure truth, the original clean and flawless, reaching the end point in stop-and-go, how many people can still maintain their original original heart? For example, emotions, no matter […]

Old Haunt

Visit revisit not necessarily good. I want to go back to many places, such as the former site of my hometown, the mountain planted trees when I was a child, the dormitory I lived in high school, and the beautiful scenery I traveled, but it has not been possible for one reason or another. The […]


Over the years, I have lived in a secluded resident Family Hospital, living a relatively leisurely life. Although the salary is not high, I wear cheap clothes all the year round, eat coarse tea and light rice every day, and drink rough green tea, but the happiness index of life is not low. Especially whenever […]

Hand in Hand

The fresh green seems to flow in the clouds, into my eyes, into my heart! I am tired of the prosperity and noise of the metropolis, get rid of the Troubles and confusion of the secular world, and look for the long-lost green with a happy mood alone. When the plane left the airport slowly, […]


For Life, spring always makes people have infinite thoughts. No matter the seeds that break the ground, or the cold plum that has gone through the vicissitudes of wind and rain, even the sorrowful clouds, when they meet the spring, they are also enraptured, wandering with the sunshine, wandering with hundreds of birds. The great […]

You sense

Transfer from one department to different departments. I have changed my leather, it looks like I have dropped the grade, and it’s not very cool these days. But I met my fellow villager here, who was my superior. This made me feel overjoyed. What a big surprise. Although it is not as comfortable as the […]


There is some mud on the rolled root system. Several peach-shaped leaves drooped on the dark green branches, some of which were Curly, half green and half red. Several synthetic bundles were discarded on the yellow sand stones on the edge of the lawn. Is Zhe ergen. It must have been taken back by people […]