2015 nian 6 yue 9 ri, Bijie city Guizhou province Tian Kan Xiang CI bamboo village 4 children take pesticide after rescue invalid death. Four children, one male and three female, the largest of which is only 12 years old. Nowadays, this event is full of all kinds of media. The Survival, living status and […]


I like reading a book quietly in the sunny room in the afternoon, and slowly understand its connotation. The flowers on the windowsill are delicate and charming, revealing the fragrance silently and fading quietly, as time goes by, four seasons change. The pink curtain flickered in the wind, in exchange for a good mood. This […]

I love

In my life, I have a wide range of interests, such as practicing martial arts, walking, flower arranging, traveling and so on. With the Internet, surfing the Internet has gradually become a part of my hobbies. However, what makes me most delighted or most suitable for my temperament is reading. Yes, reading and I am […]


After working for two years, I was not particularly satisfied. Finally, I took part in the public recruitment and got a job as a primary school teacher. All the teachers recruited this time will go to the mountain area, and the place where they work will be chosen according to their grades. Together with the […]

Light up

Time unconsciously reincarnates in the season. Just like a glass of hourglass, whether you care about it or not, it will never stop moving forward. Suddenly, the season of falling leaves. Meditation, the traces of walking all the way, those shallow footprints behind, record the dribs and drabs of the fleeting time. Standing at the […]


Dear Mom and Dad: Hello! The learning machine and letters you sent to my brother and me have been received. Thank you! Dad, Mom, we miss you all the time during the more than 1,000 days and nights with you! How we look forward to your early return and reunion with our brothers! Dad, every […]

Heart Rain

People who have been in Guangzhou for a long time should have a special feeling for rain, and I, one of these people, turned around and looked out of the window to see more and more light rain. I think so. I have never been a ruthless person, but it is rare for me to […]

Small Town

Thirty years ago, I started to step on this Bluestone Road to school. At that time, I ran happily in front with my schoolbag on my back, and my mother followed me behind with breakfast. At that time, there were many grocery stores in the Old Street, and I could get a Stir sugar as […]


In the silence of snowflakes flying, the winter rhyme slowly retreated, heavily ended in the fragrance of cold plum, and gently disappeared in people’s laughter. Spring is coming, with her own unique breath, into our vision. The pure magnolia was budding in the air, whispering quietly with the floating clouds, attracting the brisk chord of […]

A Zen

The days were turned page by page inadvertently, and there were only a few days left in 2014. Looking back on this year and even in this life, how many missed ties and customers are there? Those acquaintances and acquaintances finally faded away, and those blind dates and lovers finally separated. The good will last […]