The topic came to the end of the year, Ah! Come on! As fast as a blink of an eye! Retrieve some unforgettable memories of the past and take advantage of the heat of the festival to expose to the sun in the warm winter sun. It is a little cold and dry, and the […]


In the tomb-sweeping Day, the weather is changeable. Sometimes the spring is bright, the pink is burning, the apricot flowers are floating pink, and the willow green flowers are fragrant; Sometimes there are drizzle. I don’t know why the gentle and rainy weather happened to let you meet the charming and romantic Mudu. Whether to […]


In early summer, the misty rain floating in the sky was caught with a little chill, just like the unrestrained sluice water. With the surging crowd of people, I squeezed out of the station and rushed into this rainy day. Staring around, it seemed like falling into another forest from one forest. The heavy traveling […]


Loneliness is like the irregular Frost wind in winter, which strikes you casually, making you feel cold; Loneliness is like a long needle, which pricks you slowly, making you heartache; the smell of loneliness is more like a traditional Chinese medicine, bitter and astringent. However, many people are afraid of loneliness because they have never […]


I always think that I am not afraid of death. What is death? It’s just a way to live. In Su Shi’s words, if you view it from its changers, then the Heaven and Earth could not be seen for a moment; If you view it from its changeless ones, then things and me are […]


Every time I sit there, I seem to see that girl coming to me slowly from the depth of time, with a smile. And I, in a flash, always burst into tears. The truth is so close, the past is so far! Inscription there are many pairs of shoes in the shoe cabinet in the […]


I have been dancing all my life. Everyone knows whether I can dance well or not. Outcome? I can’t know until the end. Now, you can only dance to your heart and show your dancing. However, if you want to keep pace with the times, you need to jump out of amazement! Only in this […]


On the way back to the lab after dinner, students who were ready to leave school with suitcases could be seen everywhere. Those who didn’t pull suitcases were twos and threes, floating around like losing their souls. I raised my head and saw trains galloping from distant places in a trance, singing flute and smoking […]

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When I retire and stay at home at leisure, I will go up and down. There will always be some time when I face the screen, sit against the window, wander in the vast sea of books, travel around the vast world, be quiet and comfortable, and be tranquil and leisurely. Love computers, Internet, and […]


Bizarre and colorful; Dreams are hazy and real. All living beings in the world of mortals are busy, chasing their dreams. I grew up in a small town near Jialing River, the land of abundance. The sun, moon, stars, rainbow in the mysterious and high sky, as well as the gorgeous morning glow and sunset […]