The wound went slowly, but it never stopped. Walking slowly can not only give you time to sort out your mood, but also give you the opportunity to empty your mind. Make yourself quiet and become what he wants in his memory. A person’s quiet appearance doesn’t matter sadness; A person’s time doesn’t matter loneliness. […]

West Lake

Recently, I felt restless like grass in my heart, and a powerful voice kept shouting in my heart: the Lotus in the West Lake has been blooming, aren’t you coming? After all, the West Lake liu yue, scenery not and four. Infinite blue day lotus plants, lotus flowers in red. When we were very young, […]


Every college in our school has a building, where teachers have independent offices, and graduate students usually have an office. The building looks a bit shabby, the outside is cement-like color, in summer, all the air conditioning fans are rotating. The corridor in the building is dark, and there are corridors on both sides of […]


Who has ever said that life is a pure white open space, and lonely people wander repeatedly. On this piece of pure white, I cried and laughed, and understood the so-called truth in the world little by little. When life finally went away with flashy, I finally got peace. If, there has never been me […]


Flying is everyone’s dream. In youth, we should not only complete our studies, but also show our personalities. Let us be proud of this in adolescence. However, if we strive for our great dreams, we will give up wonderful and dazzling stories and dedicate our beautiful youth to our career. Time has quietly taken away […]


It is said that Beijing began to be hazy from yesterday, but we have already returned to the Central Plains to the south. At this time, the Mid Autumn had passed, and the wild was green and blue. Even if I am now, it was cloudy but sunny. The rain of yesterday evening was cool, […]


Are you okay? Are you okay with the person I care about? I really miss you for those who have traveled with me for a short time. Are you okay? Is there still my shadow in your life? Will you ever think of me in your future road? Thank you for accompanying me. I really […]


Time flies, time flies like an arrow, the steps of time never stop, it seems that there is no sound or Mark left. However, looking back suddenly, I found that the beautiful youth had become yesterday; Inadvertently, the blue silk on the sideburns was dyed with frost and snow. Aren’t all these marks left by […]

qing du

In the early winter, the cold brings the autumn, the silence pulls the sleeves of the dream, the mist is thin, the breeze is light, I want to find the place to fall back? Let the thoughts spread, reflect the shadow of dreams in the light of the Sun, embrace the charming and smiling face, […]

Dream non-

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting on the boss’s chair in the office, reading Lu Xun’s essays quietly with reading glasses. Maybe it took me a little longer to read books and my eyes became a little sour, so I closed the books, he stretched himself, stood up and walked to the window, looking at the […]