It just gives me a wisp of thoughts and reminds me of the past. I don’t know when it was stored in my brain or when it left. Lying on the windowsill, bathing in the winter sunshine, a pen and a notebook were placed on the windowsill, looking through the fence at the tranquil scenery […]


Whenever the dead of night, I always like to be alone, quietly standing on the pretrial tree years of Guhuai under, let the gates of memory wanton open, as past like water, and over heart, that happy tears of the day, the pure innocence of childhood, slowly 1.1 drops to emerge in front of my […]


When she was in high school in the city, he went to school to see her from time to time, and brought a bag of snacks that she loved most every time. He always smiled and said kindly that your sister was busy with work. I came to see you. Remember to add clothes when […]


Self-discipline in our heart: if we come to this world, we may only leave our descendants. Many things recorded in history have little to do with ordinary people. But in any case, we must live up to God’s achievement of our own body. Someone must have a heart, and if you have a heart, you […]


People who are aspiring often take advantage of loneliness to put loneliness in their favorite career and make it play its role. Loneliness suddenly blossomed in beauty. At this time, people seemed to be lonely, but in fact they made a great career. However, some people don’t know much about loneliness, mistakenly believing that it […]


After all, it was a layman, but in the end it was still Vulgar. Although I am had such a fresh will at the beginning and wanted to find a new way, even if he was questioned by his friends with wait-and-see attitude, he was also heading towards his own direction, I tried hard to […]

Sit in

The moon hung on the high-rise buildings. The uneven high-rise buildings stood under the miserable white moon without stars. The Moon was much inferior to these stiff high-rise buildings, and the whole body of the high-rise buildings was bright and colorful. The city and its streets should not be strange, but they are not familiar […]


She has the temperament of poetry and calligraphy, and she always wants to cultivate a daughter with the elegance and elegance of ancient quality. Therefore, she always uses this sentence to inspire herself to guide Jing Nan to fall in love with reading and think about reading. Jingnan was literate very early, thanks to his […]

Bone end

After a rain, the originally depressed air had a fresh feeling. At this time, sitting alone in the small room, listening to the shouting outside when drinking, tranquility is established in comparison. Outside the window is the courtyard where the landlord is located. In the past, there were still people coming in and out because […]


Where does life go?/Ma Jiu (QQ:598849504) yesterday, I was on the street, and there was a three-wheeled motorcycle coming towards me magically. I am surprised, is it a friend? Rub your eyes and take a closer look. I stretched out my arms and quickly blocked his way. He stopped. I stepped forward and hugged him […]