xiao diao

Since I wrote that article [Xiao Diao reminds me of my 18 years old], my aunt has always wanted to write something more for you. I saw what you wrote that day, and you mentioned my little aunt twice in the article. Thinking of your wandering life and amazing talent, you have been walking fearlessly […]


Every Sunday, (I usually don’t go to work on Sunday) I would hide in the dormitory without going out of the house, and I was fixed as a real OTAKU by my roommates for a long time. Once the busy work stopped, I was just like a kite with a broken line and could not […]


This Friday, I went to return the books of politics and law, and took a bus to Beihang to find that the mobile phone was in the dormitory. What should I do? How can I contact classmate W without a mobile phone? Although the scale of the Graduate School of Politics and Law was not […]


On the letter pad of years, there is a flowing green. The blue sky, like a thin cloud, purifies your eyes, making my heart quiet and warm. Children, only when I think of you, my mother’s heart will show a baby-like smile. I know that love with blood thicker than water can surpass any oath […]


On the rockery covered with creeper, a blooming rose grew unexpectedly. In this spring season, it inevitably makes people shine at the moment and even have some surprises. On the rockery behind the house, Creeper is growing crazily, almost covering the rockery walls. Looking around, the green waves are rippling, and the drunkenness is strong. […]


The sun was swept by the long wind and dust of spring, wiping away its original brilliance, just like a silver mirror, hanging in the East sky of April; Even the mirror was not as good as it was, muddling away and not invisible, you can also turn a blind eye to it. Therefore, the […]


Life is always incomprehensible. Facing the test paper of life, there are never single topic selection and judgment questions. It is difficult to judge whether you succeed or not, because in this exam, you are both a questioner and a reviewer. Seemingly contradictory relationships constitute a passionate life. The philosophy of inscription tells us that […]

Walk in

Many friends asked me: are you out of touch? I was shocked when I first heard it, and then I heard it calmly. Maybe the superficial impression makes people confused. Wandering in the world of materialistic desire, cars and horses are noisy and neon. If you turn over books at night with a clear light, […]


They leave home to school every Sunday evening, and go to bed in the dormitory after night study. Therefore, the sick child could only walk out of the classroom in the daytime after school, standing in the deserted corridor, waiting for her father. Several days later, when I went upstairs in the first class, I […]


Walking into the deep heart, because heart is the soul and essence of human beings, which can make you succeed or fail. It will teach you how to be a real person. The ancients said that at the beginning of human life, the nature was good, and every child was born with a blank sheet […]