Years Kong-style

When the internet was making a fuss about the log of a doctoral student returning home in the spring of the year, there were such a group of people who went in the opposite direction and went far away in the spring of the year, I am really envious of homesickness! This group of people […]


Time is an everlasting River. No one can surpass it and no one can cross it. Although its river surface is not wide and the water flow is not urgent, it makes all lives become the yellow flowers of yesterday, no matter men or women, no matter vulgar people, great people, ugly people or romantic […]


I am very strong and do not need your comfort. Really, dear, I did not shed tears, sad or heartbroken. I am not afraid, sad, regretful or regretful. I fold your letters together, the height of love. The weight of three years, sweet memories. Today, I am very strong. Dear, you have gone, gone, an […]


QQ:1281016977 time has been stranded for a long time, and I live a miserable life. The swallowtail of March cut the years into two halves. Half is waiting, and the other half is waiting. Just like this rose, quietly dormant, looking forward to the first Thunder of summer. After the Thunder, it spits out its […]


[1] In those years, thousands of love words were written down and flowers were born; Looking back again, infinite lovesickness flowed across the world. [2] I will hire you for a lifetime, and make me have white hair. Accompany you to warm wine and make tea with me. Think, calm down on your shoulder, listen, […]

Winter storage

Now is the modern life, which is the era of fast food, but I still like those old traditional life customs, such as winter storage. The past years were still fresh in my memory. The winter at that time was very full. I remembered that when the Chinese cabbage just came down in late autumn, […]


In winter, we have to pass a college on our way to work. Recently, every time buses enter this platform, a group of students who are full of luggage and in a hurry will pour into the platform with a little care, you can see the pace of returning home from the expressions with a […]


Wordless alone on West Building, month hook. Lonely phoenix tree deep courtyard lock Qing Qiu. I like the sadness which pervades in the silence most in these two sentences, a plain robe, a waterfall of green silk, a pink face like flowers, and the sorrow and sorrow, the style of walking on the west tower. […]


Holding Lingzhu in hand, pour out the warm love in the world. A gust of wind, a wisp of dust. The world of mortals is like smoke. As a dream, I still move forward without regret. Time went so fast that there was no more time to squander. The long road ahead would eventually reach […]

Walk Alone

Maybe my heart falls into the distant mountains with the setting sun, and I always like to walk in the light breeze and dusk, looking at the mountains submerged by the sun, as if I am pursuing something: the past, the present and the future; Happy streams, the swaying branches are still the lost self. […]