Xu a

I haven’t written for a long time, and there is no reason. The most appropriate excuse is that I dare not face the heart world overgrown with weeds, love comfort and ease, let the desolation expand, and live in the warm sun of myself. At this moment, sitting in front of the computer desk which […]


Lao Teng, I want to marry you. A few days ago, I traveled to Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang, Zhijiang and other places with my company. As expected, as my former colleague said, every scenic spot is picturesque, which makes people forget to leave. The mountain peaks of Zhangjiajie, the natural cultivation of Wulinyuan, the mystery of Huanglong […]

Car off

On February 12, July, the one-week study in Shenzhen ended. Take the K134 train from Shenzhen West to Lanzhou and stop at Lankao station at 12:50 noon on the 23rd. When I heard Lankao station in the carriage Horn, my heart couldn’t help trembling slightly. Lankao, a name admired by people all over the country, […]

Don’t want

After dinner, I always like to go out for a walk. While walking, I look at it to see if there is a new grass growing out, and see if there are more flowers growing out and chuckled, I am not looking for garbage, I am looking for some little joy! Even if it is […]


Time always goes by quietly. After a long winter, I suddenly look back at the end of spring. In the warm and warm season, the flowers bloom and thank again, and the flowers still bloom again after Thanks. It seems that countless splendors will continue to show prosperity and loneliness every day. Although spring is […]

To sprinkle

Summer, in this way, the water in my body was evaporated and my mind was extracted from the characters. I was like a withered grass, separated from the support and lost the spirituality. These two days, I felt a little flustered and bored. I felt uncomfortable when I saw anything and was upset when listening […]


Over the years, I have been in a nominal leisure position in the company. Although the economy is not very affordable, I still spend my whole life compared with some colleagues, even a single person can’t get a seat. It’s a little stronger. In those years, when I just squeezed into the leading group of […]

Fleeting Time

A person, reunion with the long-lost music in the past. The music is always so exciting. Or lift a piece of tenderness, or a period of heart injury. I was tempted by my memory pouring like a waterfall, following the shadow of time, with music, crying silently and loving my heart quietly. I know that […]


Author’s inscription in 1978, Xiangyu Railway was opened to traffic. Bashan public works guidance area, which is located in the hinterland of Daba Mountain at the border of Sichuan and Shaanxi and has an average altitude of 808, was established. The precious spiritual wealth which has been well-known throughout the country has been created through […]

A read

Life is the rush of mountains and rivers, the obsession of all the dust, how many love and hate mixed past, the clear years, the desolation of eyes, it is just a moment of staring at me when I am at a loss and tangled in my heart. There is no need to panic or […]