Tell me how I am know QISU English and how to enter QISU English!!! Some time ago, I wanted to find an English training institution because of my work needs. Just when I was blind and confused, I walked over to a French leaflet page on the street!! He was exactly the propaganda page of […]


One day when I came home from work, my son brought me a one-inch bareheaded photo and asked me whether I was beautiful or not. Take a closer look, this is an old photo of mine, I don’t know where he turned it out. I wore a dark blue denim jacket with the red sweater […]

Love robbery

Every time I write a pen, I feel so sad that I don’t know where the sad pen tip falls! There is a kind of unspeakable loneliness, listening to the coldness brought by the autumn wind, tears involuntarily slide on the cheek, afraid that every step will step out of the ending of separation! In […]


I know little about Ningxia, mainly from the introduction of a girl. She is a native of Ningxia. In 2004, because of work, he stayed in the strange land of Peng’an. She was dressed simply and rustic like a peasant woman who had not gone far away. She looks so ordinary that it is easy […]


The last factory celebration, now I think about it, is the last party ceremony in Jia Mansion Grand View Garden. The celebration was held in the biggest theater in this city at that time. The front desk lamp was shining brightly. The factory leaders sat in a row. The new and old workers in the […]


The scenery outside the window is very bleak. The tall metasequoia has become so lonely. Those elves who used to accompany it are now integrated with the soil, it adds a bit of desolation to the originally vibrant scenery. Looking at the metasequoia, it has already lost the green of summer, just like a late […]


It is said that people who have a bad memory always feel that life is fresh and interesting. The parents of the sweating bull got older, and their temper became bigger when they didn’t think about it. They often quarreled with each other because of trivial matters and didn’t give in to each other. The […]


I bought a small house of 80 square meters in Wuyi town in Chuzhou, a city of Sanshui Zui, and lived there on vacation. -Time value Yangchun san yue. On a sunny and warm Sunday after the rain, my wife and I went to the countryside behind our building to pick wild vegetables. In fact, […]


I saw this article from my friend’s space. Apart from lamenting the talent of my friend, I was inevitably impressed by the emotion expressed in the article. Is this an article? It is simply a monologue of the soul, I advised my friend to register and publish on the literature website. My friend smiled and […]


I come back to see you again! I come to see you every time I leave. Touch your coat, look at your height, and think about your goodness. Touch your arms again, then hold your waist with both hands and look at you. Are you okay? Have you grown well or not. Have you ever […]