Recalling (essay) at the end of the year, the bell rang, the bell rang, and the bell rang. We had a really happy life……. Time flies so fast. Just after the happy Christmas, it is the end of the year of the Horse in 2014. The Bell of the new year in 2015 is about […]


[Hard to forget] Another year has passed. On the New Year’s Eve of 2015, I think of you again. From the day we met and knew each other in our childhood, you were destined to be written into my lines of poetry; The distance between you and me was 40 years; Leaving you and me […]


Those things at home 2 articles/Ma Jiu (QQ:598849504) we have a home. Maybe freedom is largely restricted. Everything should be considered and considered for home, and we cannot do whatever we want. Unlike being single, you can spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and having fun by yourself. Plain is the truth. If we […]


In spring, leaves fall into the heart, and I don’t want to leave! — Inscription on the snow dance, pure winter thoughts; On the rain fly, Qinghuan spring. Ye Luo passers-by, reincarnation of the four seasons; Red flowers bloom, hand in hand bright. Thank you for the fireworks, and take care of the fragrance! Flowers […]


The weather is good this morning, plus working overtime for several days, I feel bored and anxious, and it is rare to go out for a walk. I decided to ride a bike and make a long journey to Taiji Island. Walking on the broad Riverside Road, the clear river along the road, the surrounding […]


This season has entered the deep of spring. The wind is fine and sunny. Cherry blossoms and Begonia suck the sweetness of dew in the morning, and birds on the branches sing happily. I lay on the bed with my eyes open and watched my lover writing calligraphy beside the desk in the laziness of […]


One I am an introverted and low-key man, who is speechless and clumsy in expression. Sometimes he is silent and calm, and even gives people the feeling of being dull. But I don’t know when I started to write casually. Years are long, unconsciously, a few not long experiences are brewing and forming. Excited, he […]


Those words of comfort to interpret, those touched me, let me in these days, facing different faces and outcome, 1.1 point accumulation, 1.1 points precipitation, in the ice of the soul, trying hard to find the gap and breathing freely desperately, what is required is not much, but the little expectations and tolerance accumulated in […]

Have this

Rain, up. Listen, the raindrops outside the window hit the windowsill, which seemed to tell an endless love affair. Inscription (1) meeting you is my fate in this life. Lean against the bed, close your eyes and concentrate, and pass through the time and space of memory. In the fleeting time, your smile is as […]


Summer actually appeared. Yesterday evening, I walked on the bridge hand in hand with my husband. A wisp of wind came from the river, cool and refreshing. I stopped and was reluctant to leave. In fact, it was also good to blow the wind on this beautiful summer evening. It was a pleasure to live […]