The Wings of Time just shook gently in the Time Tunnel, and the end of the year was already the end. It was too late to recall and think about it. The sound of running hoof in the year of sheep had echoed in my ears. The beauty of life lies in that people live […]

Years Kong-style

Premier Keqiang inspected Guizhou years ago and said, “the most delicious year is in the county! Yes, spring is also called Spring Festival. Spring is probably related to the recovery of everything and the cultivation and seeding of seeds. Without the local flavor, the year will lose its flavor. This is also a big city, […]


I some oppressed. The office I just changed last night, the room was small, the drawer was gone, and I shared a desk with other colleagues, which I could accept. The only thing I couldn’t bear was the big French window on the right side of my body. In the past, when I entered the […]

shou qiu

Back to the countryside, it was just when the villagers were busy in autumn. Men and women were busy in the field, breaking off corn, pulling soybean, picking Mountain wood and digging sweet potatoes at this time in previous years, I am also among them. I will fly home with a basket of mountain wood […]


I have lived in this community for seven years. I like this community mainly because there is a lake on the opposite side of the community. I like walking on the green path around the lake and living beside the water, compared with the river-pillow family in the old town in the south of the […]

Cold wave

In the dim light, I was woken up by the wind outside the window; Strangely, where did the birds go? On rainy days or cloudy days, birds wake me up on time. Today, where have they been? I sat up from the bed, put on my pajamas, got up, opened the thick curtains, and looked […]


Four seasons of the year, spring sowing, summer busy, autumn harvest, winter storage, winter is the end of the year, all memories will gradually accumulate in this season, and then slowly settle down in the gentle winter sunshine, it is best to soak a pot of oolong on the frozen top, open an old photo […]


Some time ago, I told my wife that when we pass this difficult period this year, we will also begin to learn financial management. My wife said, yes! Living at home should be carefully calculated. I asked a colleague about financial management these days, and he told me an example. If your monthly income is […]

Look up

Looking up at the starry sky and looking at the stars, we can’t help imagining: thinking about the ancient legend; Thinking about the brilliance in the boundless interstellar space; Thinking about the mystery of the universe. Looking up at the starry sky, we will always look forward to it involuntarily, looking forward to a shining […]


Idle (15.12.24) days of smog locked me at home, looking at the vast gray area outside the window, completely dispelled my ambition to go out and play. Calm down, brew a pot of strong and fragrant Jin Junmei, and sit leisurely beside the desk. I haven’t seen it for a few days. The tender branch […]