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Inscription; The holy angel said to Dean: I can save you from hell, and I can also send you back to hell. In order to block one of the 66 seals, the Holy Angel did not hesitate to bloodbath the whole town, including the 1214 residents. It seemed that God had to do something against […]


It seems that every child in the process of learning will not be as parents wish, and there will always be some procrastination. I admit that today’s Jing Nan is the same as when I was young, and there are some procrastination in both life and study habits. It is very annoying to solve this […]


Now it is another spring. It rained continuously outside the window. Sometimes it was pattering, sometimes it was misty and sometimes in short, the rain kept falling without interruption. Standing on the height and overlooking, the green is verdant, especially those grasses and nameless wild flowers, which are shaking their heads in the spring breeze […]

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The first blooming petals flick down the hair, lingering at the gentle fingertips. The spring has already turned the branches Green, dancing in the sunshine with a piece of bright. In the soft spring light, the beauty of spring is lightly displayed, singing the green grass in the deep of the cold dawn. The sunny […]


Oh, you don’t know. When you go out, the sky is blue and the road is open. She sighed excitedly to her colleague. Most of the people who have been ill for a long time are like this. The same is true for those who are calm like me. There are only three days, no […]


Dim light, slow time dim light, hazy eyes, I don’t want to see your face clearly, I just want to listen to your pulse beating quietly. The index finger dipped in tea casually graffiti in the red world of wooden tables and chairs, but it can be written into people’s hearts. Inadvertently, the ice flame […]


Some people say that happiness means happiness with love. Some people say that having a lot of money means happiness. Some people say that having a car or a villa at home means happiness. Others say that having a healthy body means happiness. Happiness is a mystery that makes people unable to understand. If one […]


The older the time is, the weaker the heart will be. Light, not light the world, but the heart. What is faded is a kind of fixed opinion, and what is faded is a kind of mentality of deleting complex and simple. Yes, as we get older, we don’t mind others’ comments any more and […]


Try to let go of your breath and find a place where your soul can rest. Living in the comfort of the soul, interpreting the soul and releasing the thoughts gently in the space that belongs to oneself. Let go of the heavy pressure of life, release the soul, fly the empty sky, spread your […]