The spring

If there is peach blossom in my heart, where is not the water cloud? If there is spring in my heart, when is it not sunny day? As long as there is spring in my heart, I will spend a lot of time with a full moon and be beautiful everywhere. Inscription I don’t know […]

Discussion on

But you even drank a glass of wine, and there was no old friend out of Yangguan. Starting from ancient Chang’an, along the ancient Silk Road, you will come to Changwu county, the hometown of Apple, the boundary of Qinlong. There is a beautiful place called ran Dian at the first stop of entering Changwu. […]

ping hu

The rapid development of the Internet is really rapid. In real life, the network is like a silent and invisible radio wave, which is everywhere. It is changing our traditional life mode at an amazing speed, fast, it serves our daily life conveniently. However, due to various reasons, I have not been able to keep […]


The rain is still beautiful, and the world in the sky is still so beautiful. However, whose world is already gloomy and full of sadness? Gray days, ruthless rain, haggard people, who is seeing through who exists? Blue Dreams, purple butterflies, falling leaves, whose heart does the wind enter? A person’s tears, a person’s smile, […]

I am

Cicada has been in the soil for seven years, and it can only live for seven days after breaking the ground. The cicada on the eighth day, however lonely, still chose to work hard and live without giving up. The melody played in my heart depicts the figure I wish to think about, follows the […]


White snowflakes, like white angels, Dance light wings and drift down like White Angels every winter. The soft snowflakes gently spread on every corner of the North, making the jade trees enchanting and enchanting. The silver-covered mountains and rivers are white and flawless, and the white is dust-proof, the white one makes people feel that […]


A few days ago, my colleague sent me some bottles of pickles from Yutang sauce garden. Seeing it, I suddenly remembered the pickles in my hometown. My hometown was in the rural area of eastern Henan. At that time, my life seemed that Pickles were indispensable at every table. It could be said that I […]


I don’t know since when, I suddenly find that on the urban and rural roads of Junan County, in the day and night, there are police cars patrolling around you slowly by accident; on the streets of the county, the heavily armed special police were on duty, while the special police riding motorcycles were quietly […]


When I was cooking, I accidentally broke the small bowl of chopped green onion. With a bang, the little green splashed all over the floor, and a faint boredom suddenly rose in my heart, which made me feel uncomfortable, but I can’t tell the reason. I am not a superstitious person. Isn’t it a good […]


There is an old persimmon tree at the head of the village with luxuriant foliage. Under the tree is a clean field, which is the rice market for villagers. No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter breakfast, lunch or dinner, villagers will come here at the same time. Although the days were light […]