You can control yourself and the surrounding environment better and more thoroughly than ordinary people. You hate superficial and superficial things; You would rather be alone than chat with others, but your relationship with your best friend is very deep, and you pay more attention to spiritual things, this keeps your mind harmonious and comfortable. […]

People in

There is a secondary road between the county where I work and the county where my home is located. Every time I go home, I always like to look at the changing scenery on both sides of the road through the car window. Gradually, I found that the trees on both sides of the road […]


Sitting quietly on the platform of three feet, there was heavy snow flying all over the sky outside the window, and there were ninety-nine children of twelve or thirteen years old under the platform. At this time, they were immersed in thinking, we will feel the magic nature is giving us at this moment with […]


Four days and three nights, almost one breath 53 episode “Peking No War” read, which two night see Sky White taking a nap also get up busy entertainment lunar January in relatives of coming and going, although miserable, but it was painful and happy, because it was really a TV series worth watching. Before watching […]


Time is stirring up. Unconsciously, I am already thirty years old. But in my mind, I am still that little girl in her early twenties, but years really don’t give you such an opportunity, let you still live in that age. My face is telling myself that it is time for innocence. I can’t remember […]


Spring is coming, so is my spring. At this time, flowers fly sky, Catkins into tablets. With the arrival of spring, my spring is also colorful and dazzling. There are not only the beautiful scenery of birds, flowers and willows, but also the lingering tender style of you and me. Beautiful My World and fragrant […]

Were tampered

On a drizzle dusk, I held an umbrella and strolled. The lilacs in the third middle school yard were blooming brightly, and the rainy street was lonely, standing quietly, with the fragrance of flowers and the cool air. I suddenly feel that this world is so beautiful. We are in it and have been gently […]


What if this thing was not done in the beginning? If one thing comes out of my expectation, people will always blame themselves after failure. There is no such thing in the world, but only a result. But is the result really that important? Is every gain and loss really that important? Sometimes, from a […]

Fleeting Time

All kinds of flowerpots are full of Jasmine, and all the rooms are lingering in a kind of light and lasting fragrance, with light white and deep fragrance. Xi Murong once said: Friendship is just like the fragrance of flowers. It is better to be lighter so that it can last for a long time. […]


The trace of time, transmigration in the boundless, rhyme, in the heart, graceful and restrained into a sentence, weave yourself a dream of love, set a period of time of peace, sunrise to the east, sunset to the west, with the autumn wind folding, it is warm and cold. Inscription the autumn sun in September […]