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[1] Thank you for your smile, who once flustered me [2] you and I never met each other all the year round. Thanks to the time, never give up [3] love you is true and also a big adventure [4] I really want a completely sincere friend. If you are unhappy with each other, you […]


When I walked down the steps with a pile of books in my arms and walked out of the library, a familiar senior came towards me. After three or two greetings, he pointed at the old man who just passed me and said that that was Mr. Liu naichang. I was quite surprised. I turned […]


That night, when the night wind kissed the dormitory, the glittering purple bells in front of the window rang. She couldn’t help thinking of the happiness that the shy little boy had never had. It flowed quietly in the bottom of her heart. She talked about several boyfriends in the factory, all of which ended […]


Life is like dust, red dust is like a dream. I tried to look for the lost light and shadow through the flowing light of the whole city, through the tiny cracks and gently touch the mottled eyes. If you ask me, how is this dream? I can only say that I am was so […]

See don’t

Time flies like an arrow, the Sun and the moon fly like a shuttle, and the season turns again unconsciously. Suddenly, I find that the hot summer has gradually gone away, and it is another autumn of the year. This rich and quiet season was dancing in the cool wind. She waved gently with strong […]


I am Native northerners who like the winter of this season. October, reserved, warm, cool. Snowflakes are warm, flying and falling from time to time. The hot air was mixed with the smell of thick sticky bean bag. Pushing the door, I seemed to hear the footsteps of the year. In October and January, the […]

Old Pond

Old Tangqi is my favorite. It is not only the first stop for me to walk out of my hometown, but also the place I am dreaming about. In the spring of 1970, at the age of 14, I took a ship from Zhangshan to Tangqi Middle School to study. Tangqi was in the east […]

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To be honest, I did it as soon as I said it, and I did it in general. I don’t think I have done well enough, because there are too many people around me who have done well and well. Their executive force is better than mine, 100 times, 1000 times, three or two times. […]

I only

An accidental opportunity, with colorful dreams, I came to a distant and strange town to fight for the future. I thought that hot land was the paradise where dreams took root and sprouted. But I was tired day and night, and the poor salary I got back was only enough to fill my stomach. I […]


The year passed so fast that it took only half a year. A few days later, lunar April 24 is the memorial day of my mother’s fourth anniversary. I think I still can’t go back. When can the factory leave? I still can’t go to my mother’s grave to worship. My mother’s grave must be […]