In cloud

In the very cold morning, flowing water surging in the clouds, the sun was still hiding behind the clouds. At breakfast, I told Xiao Bao two interesting things happened yesterday, and Xiao Bao kept having fun. One thing was that I went to Songjiang to do business yesterday. I sat in the car and read […]

Let life

Life lives in the world. As the years go on, everything will tend to be used to peace. What follows is the trifles, boredom, loneliness and some helplessness of life, which is the life experience shared by everyone. In other words, the habitual life makes life lack the original fresh sentiment, so the sky is […]

In most

You once gave me the delicate red rose, which was so gorgeous that you couldn’t help crying in your eyes. Now even though there are thousands of people who don’t want to give up, you can only put this feeling aside. When I first met Fang Fei in April, I walked through the road you […]


Nanjing people envy Kunming’s four seasons like spring, and hate Nanjing’s spring like Four Seasons. Now Nanjing has entered the autumn season again: first, the Autumn Tiger over 40 degrees, then a storm and a cold air reduced the high temperature to over 20 degrees. Well, people who just jumped out of the dim stove […]

Summer Rain

In the scorching sun, pedestrians came and went. Although they had slowed down, there was still a lot of sweat on their backs inevitably. The summer at this time always makes people feel hot and impetuous, and they can’t feel any coolness at all. Even sitting at the roadside stall and tasting a cup of […]


In the morning, I suddenly received the notice of power outage, and the company had a holiday. I was already on the way and lost my direction instantly. So he parked the car on the side of the road, and hit the double jump. The hot air conditioner screamed. Just like that summer, I lay […]

I am

I am a flower, blooming in the world, eager to be surrounded by a city. There is no city, although the flowers are bright, they are also listless. Only surrounded by the city and rendered by the city can the flowers bloom appropriately and elegantly! Imagine that there is no city to set off, flowers […]


It rained, and the weather gradually became cold. I like this kind of environment, so I can go out and play at home. I don’t have to worry about being too hot, and I don’t have to wear thick and stupid clothes. Some people always say that I have no ideal or courage. In fact, […]

Night goods

On a midsummer night, there was a slight coolness in the muggy weather, but there was still no sleepiness at all. So, make a pot of green tea and sit quietly by the window with dim light. Seeing the tea leaves churning in the Cup, the faint tea fragrance floating out, refreshing people’s heart and […]


(At 10:56 on February 4, 2015, a ATR-72 civil aviation passenger plane of Taiwan TransAsia Airlines crashed while flying from Taipei to Kinmen, falling to Keelung River at the junction of Taipei and Xinbei. There are 58 people on board, which has caused many casualties.) The shadow of AirAsia is still not gone, and now […]