qi yue

This summer feels warmer than any other year in the past, not only because of high temperature and little rain, but also because of frequent power outage due to various reasons. I thought that people who were relatively heat-resistant also suffered from summer heat. I thought it would be better to have a sleep with […]


As for this accumulation, I should now be a new concept, which is different from before. Maybe I often mention this word, and I will think more unconsciously. But it is also normal. If you put your hands on it for a long time, the Stones will have body temperature. Of course, it is still […]

Overnight accommodation

Twilight is like carrying crows at dusk, casting dark shadows along the way, and it is also like dark clouds gathering slowly, drooping and falling down, leaving old trees and withered vines, villages and people, the distant mountains and the water are all light in my arms. The last golden light on the horizon disappeared […]


When I was in middle school, there were many articles written by Lu Xun in Chinese textbooks. “Kong Yiji”, “Blessing”, “hometown”, many essays, etc. I met Kong Yiji in a long gown, Runtu with a silver collar, and the hardworking and bitter Xianglin sister-in-law. I still remember that Kong Yiji protected his anise beans, shook […]


My friend, I thought it was the best name for family affection. She didn’t have the ties of region and race, the focal length of poverty and wealth, the scale of appearance, but pure kindness. However, such a frame of photos appeared frequently on the internet. Two people with smiles stood opposite each other. One […]

With wine

For a while, I felt that I was abnormal. Because I don’t know how to face the world, or even how to speak to others; What kind of smile is natural. So that people don’t have to look at me with strange eyes. Every book and TV play I read, I will pay attention to […]

Cold and warm

I am an introvert, I am not used to expressing my inner thoughts in the space. Occasionally, there are only a few mood words, which may bring a little bit, but I still like to bury my heart deeply. Because I have never experienced it, I don’t know how deep a person’s attachment to another […]


At midnight, the rainstorm was still crazy, tearing the quiet night one by one, which made my heart unable to calm down any more. I opened the window and the black mixed rain came across me, my eyes were blocked by the dark night and dense rain. The small room was where I saw the […]


After spending the first two weeks of July in a state of extreme exhaustion, I did nothing but felt tired. When it was hot in Changchun, it was cool enough to wear, but still felt breathless, like a stone hanging in the heart, unable to land for a long time. There were no more acquaintances […]


I have always been reluctant to delve into the industry, because in my heart, it takes a long time for an industry to go deep, some of which may take 5 or 8 years. Therefore, I think it is OK for a person to understand an industry, not too much. So every time my friends […]