I am a nurse, but also an ordinary woman. Although nurse is a very tired job with low social status, I still have no regrets. From the ignorance at the beginning to the ups and downs now, it seems that I am a tenacious grass. After the birth of spring and the growth of summer, […]


That was a few days ago, Langfang education bureau organized the activity of sending classes to the countryside. Our group gathered in director Zhang Warring States’s office to wait for the departure to Sanhe. This wide and wide office I am very familiar, and even stayed here for a night. Everyone sat and chatted casually. […]


This time I went home, I was extremely unlucky. I obviously bought a sleeper bus, but I took an ordinary bus. I couldn’t hold that tone in my heart, so I asked the driver to make comments. As soon as I spoke, the driver who looked like maitrefu felt bitter: Brother, Brother, I’m really sorry, […]


I like literature: in the vast ocean of words, I think quietly and create seriously; I like writing and drawing, and I like to inlay the happiness and sadness in my heart into words one by one. I like literature: my life and life are very plain, as light as water. But also because of […]


The flower armor of the years is all empty, drinking alone in a dream; The moon building does not know Xun Qingyuan, and the yellow crane wings are straight to the east. When I woke up and saw your WeChat message, I was extremely depressed and got this impromptu famous poem. Although, as a man, […]


In the real social life, almost every adult comes from the winding and bumpy emotional life. It can be said that every adult’s love life is contradictory and complicated, which often makes some scholars who specialize in studying human emotions unable to tell what on earth it is for a while. Tea, bitter and sweet, […]


The night had already fallen, and a new moon hung on the sky in the West. The clear and deep night sky was particularly clean, which made the crescent moon look so dazzling, just like embedded in the huge curtain, even the monthly loss part can see the fuzzy outline. There is no cover of […]


Finally, I can take advantage of the holiday to sort out those trivial words. Who ever thought that my thoughts flew so far this spring. Chunhang always has to find a reason for Chunhang: go to a flower banquet, watch peach blossoms spread over the whole village, and listen to swallows whispering on the eaves. […]

Burn large

I was born in the 1950 s. When I was four months old, in order to avoid the Korean War, I came to Dalian from Anton (now Dandong) who was full of war. As far as I can remember, my family has lived in a large courtyard, which consists of two courtyards. My family lives […]


The issue of “If you are the one” I watched last night deeply touched me again. What teacher Meng Fei did was so touching. My feeling at that time was that the heavy haze on my head was torn apart suddenly, revealing the blue and clear sky. There is warmth in the world! And I […]