In the magnificent and rolling historical flood, in the historical process of changing dynasties in the last thousand years, there were countless heroes and heroes. Great leaders judged the situation and made great efforts to twist Qian Kun to be all-powerful and prominent for a while. They are a generation of Tianjiao, who have repeatedly […]

The dream

Time is engraved on the past, and whether the persistent dream ripples due to the quivering between dribs and drabs. The passing time, the passing warmth, the cyan sky, the clouds and haze have already disappeared, a dream of wind, flowers, snow and moon. Whether you are overlooking the distance now with your sad eyes. […]

I only

I want to go far away, travel and wander. I just want to be alone, carrying my luggage and quietly stepping on the journey to find my paradise. Years are quiet, I just want someone. Leaving the hustle and bustle of traffic, stepping on every inch of the land I ‘ve been longing for, sucking […]

You is

Your appearance has really disrupted my heart. Maybe I am just one of many for you, while you are the only one who has disturbed my heart for so many years. Because of you, my mood is constantly changing. Because of you, I am no longer proud, even a little self-abased. Because of you, I […]


Unconsciously, time had left in a hurry, just as Zhu Ziqing described in a hurry. Ten years old looking forward to twelve years old, when I was twelve years old looking forward to sixteen years old flower season seventeen years old rainy season, but accidentally to 19 years old, looking back to the beautiful flower […]


My family has been a farmer for generations, and there is nothing left on my ancestors. And my grades are the same as my ancestors, leaving nothing. Although I was in the first year of junior high school, this opportunity was to find an acquaintance to pay some money, but I failed to live up […]


I should have introduced myself first when opening the blog, but the ugly mother-in-law was afraid of meeting her parents-in-law. But ugly bitch sooner or later have to see her, the helpless. Let’s introduce ourselves first. Look at the avatars of many bloggers, who are either spirited and spirited, or quite rich, or charming, or […]


I waited for the notice at home after the college entrance examination that year, and there was still no news near the beginning of school. I felt agitated and decadent during that period. My father didn’t blame me and encouraged me to retake the exam for one year. On the afternoon when my classmates started […]

Single night

The night was deep, but I was still on the road, tired and hot. It was obviously the March spring full of flowers, which gave me the illusion of summer, the feeling of opening the window was much more comfortable. The cool wind blew towards me, and the inner shirt which was wet against the […]


We often hear such words: ordinary people are lazy, and it is difficult to have a career. But I have a relative who is not like this. I have a relative, an idol in my childhood. I have mentioned him before, which is my little uncle. When I was very young, he followed my father […]