4 yue

Spring seems to be more than half, I don’t feel it. Whether the shrubs and grasses of Nanshan Mountain are green, whether the turmeric of Xingqing is fragrant, and the cherry blossoms in the garden are heard to have been defeated. The old road is muddy as before, but the white rocks in Fengyu must […]


I really appreciate that there is only a bright red Chinese knot hanging on a big wall of my friend’s house, which is concise and lively without losing the atmosphere. By contrast, those home decoration whose walls are full of decorations often make people feel dizzy and difficult to distinguish the primary and secondary. It […]

zhi qin

Dear Myself, hello, dear myself, from today on, I will live peacefully, learn to cherish my body, believe that I must be unique, the truest and happiest, the brightest self. The stars are still the same, and there is no trace of time. We have stepped past yesterday and passed the immaturity. When we look […]


The first semester after the Spring Festival in 2015 has gone away. The summer vacation following the established track is drifting through ups and downs. The rest of the just-started days will usher in the next ups and downs and breakout! New units, old new things, are interpreted and unfolded layer by layer, surrounded by […]

Iron Mountain

In recent days, after getting up every morning, my wife and I couldn’t think of going out for a walk. Why? Because at every morning, as long as there is nothing to get up, the old Hei of our family would hit the door with his front paws like little bear paws unceremoniously, and it […]


Lying alone in bed, I don’t want to think or think about anything. I have been recalling in recent days, looking through all the things I have left, in different places and in different periods. It seems that those days that I can’t go back can lie quietly in places that are not noticed. Only […]


Winter is coming, will spring be far away? In the cold environment, I look forward to spring. Growing in the South, I always feel that the cold winter adds a lot of troubles to people. In order to keep warm, I have worn too many clothes, which are thick and fat. In addition, the problem […]


I often cherish that ancient time and land, that fascinating era. The fragrance of poetry is mixed in warm wind and drizzle, how can we not make people intoxicated! I always hope that there will be someone to listen to the bleak night rain with me. Unfortunately, there are countless night rains, but it is […]


Over the past few years, whenever I feel something in my heart, I have to sit down and write an article to play as I wish. Writing articles is not only a way to vent my messy thoughts and inner feelings, but also a daily life habit that I have not sought social fame and […]


Uncle is August 18 this year (lunar July 5) night 5-point 20 died, died that day, weather forecast rain, results didn’t. The two children of my eldest uncle decided to cremate the next day according to Mr. Yin and Yang’s statement that he would never bury him. My great uncle will be buried in Li’s […]