I am a person with strong dependence, so most of the time, I think whether I can find a group of people to walk along. Not bad, there are a lot of people in the group. When you are lonely and bored, you can chat with them and have a lot of ideas. But I […]


When the mulberry trees under the balcony were hung with new mulberries for the third time, I knew that my three-year postgraduate study was coming to an end. Looking back on the appearance of leaving school after graduation ten years ago, everything still seemed so clear, as if it was just around the corner. At […]

Late autumn

Late Autumn, a flash of rain sprinkles on the pavilion. The Sill chrysanthemum is sparse, the well Wu is messy, causing residual smoke. Sad, Wangjiang pass, flying clouds dim sunset. Song Yu felt sad at that time, facing the water and climbing the mountain. The pedestrians were sad and tired to listen to the long […]


I had long wanted to climb the mountain, but I didn’t have time later. It was boring to climb alone, and I felt uninterested. Day by day after winter, I used to go to the stadium for morning exercises. I met one of my friends who I knew when I went to the stadium for […]

Snow kiss

Near dusk, a little snow was blowing and spilling. The quiet house raised the smoke from the kitchen, and the folds on the ridge of the old house were filled with thin snow. The setting sun is looming, and my heart is full of snow dancing and smiling. That’s what you gave me, okay? There […]

Love Words

In confusion, we have stepped on the threshold of winter unconsciously. Time seems to be frozen, walking so slowly and so hard. The calendar beside the window was densely graffiti into a mess by ink, just like my life track in this season, in a mess. The occasional memories are always full of sadness. When […]


In our daily life, both the people and things we meet and the people we touch every day will present a lovely and charming side, of course, you have to have the aesthetic concept and pleasant eyes. For example, when a person is walking, he or she accidentally finds a small flower deep in the […]


There is always a trace of warmth left in my heart, remembering those stops, struggles, glory, or unknown happiness. I know that one day it will disappear. I always carry the beauty to commemorate the warmth I once had, the fleeting years, and the warmth with smile-written in the city in June in front of […]


A few days ago of a night, unexpected received hard phone. Are you free? What’s up? Almost nine. I and XX in ladies’ market hot pot shop, can come? …… To not come? Well, good, er shi fen zhong after to, we also two people. Green ants new grains wine, red mud small stove. Four […]


Before getting up this morning, the family member reported a good news to me, saying that it would snow today and asked me to take some photos of the snow. I waited for a day and didn’t see snow until it was dark, even a few snowflakes. Suddenly enlightened, it seemed that it had not […]