In my time like water, I buried the edges and corners erased by years. There have been persistence, wandering, hope and helplessness. Move forward slowly and grow slowly. When I look back, many things have been blurred, but many things are still fresh in my memory. The Northeast is always like this. During the Spring […]

long shu

When I got on the bus in the scenic spot, I felt relaxed for a while. The trees spread all the way, making me feel much cooler. My mood was gradually relaxed. The driver was very easygoing and enthusiastic, we arrived at the destination with chatting all the way …… oh! The momentum is very […]


Often, when I am free, I will think about such a question. I will think about why it is like this, such as graduating from college. Graduation is the same as everyone. But why haven’t graduated for a few years, but it has begun to be in the sky. Looking at the people around us, […]

Home is

The scene has already surrounded the world. The night only presents stars and lights in people’s vision, and the shadow of the moon cannot be seen. The bus galloped around Qinchuan eight hundred miles like a steed horse, then drove all the way along the foot of Qinling Mountains, crossing tunnels one after another and […]


I traveled through thousands of rivers and mountains, wandering and waiting in the sea of people, just because I can feel that you are still deep in a ferry at the end of the world, waiting for me to return. — Inscription love is innocent, hate is innocent, dream is innocent, drunk is innocent. Strive […]

I heat

I am read the articles written by teacher Jiang Nanfeng, and along with his trace, he smelt his poetic charm all the way to find the prose online. I have been intoxicated in the prose online almost all day these days, lingering, obsessed with beautiful articles and throbbing in good sentences. Here, there are a […]


Presumably, I am still greedy for some leisure time, such as sitting quietly and drinking a cup of clear tea. When the time slowly slips away from my eyebrows and eyes, the temperature in my heart is still lingering in the days, it was just a moment when I lowered my eyebrows that I forgot […]


There won’t be too many beautiful words. I just want to talk about my real thoughts on several recent hot issues. What I said is all vernacular. If you don’t hear it, please forgive me. Soldiers Sortie was read by me when I was studying for a master’s degree. I read it at least twice […]

Thank you

In recent days, I always dream about my first love. What happened in my dream was still the story of the age when I fell in love with her. I still drink the milk prepared by my mother every morning, breathe the freshest air in the morning, and ride a bicycle alone with the light […]


In this season again, the bright morning was a little cold, so I involuntarily moved out all the down jackets. It seems that there is always an inexplicable sense of rejection for autumn, and there is always no sentimental feeling of origin, so I can’t say why. This autumn is not dying, so we witness […]