As for striving, in fact, I did very badly, but many people around me really did very well. Especially for those who do business around them, they can really win all the opportunities they can fight for, let alone they are tired and not tired. But it is also their character. Their life is really […]


Normally speaking, an epidemic or cold cold is not a big deal. It takes three or five days at least and ten or eight days at most, which is good. However, that kind of uncomfortable strength could not be worse. Cough, asthma, heavy head and feet, and sore body. Then go to the hospital or […]


In life, there are sunshine, darkness, prosperity and depression. People all want to pursue sunshine, enjoy the moisture of sunshine and get a prosperous life. But this is not what everyone can get. Only by striving forward in life and twists and turns in progress can the beauty of life be revealed. No one is […]


One afternoon at the beginning of Xia, the phone rang suddenly. When I answered it, it was a sweet female voice. When I heard it, it was a phone call from friend Y. She said on the phone that she asked me to go downstairs and wait for me at the gate. I immediately put […]

Let Months

The Flickering Moonlight and the hazy light falling on the ground. Walking through the delicate years, walking in the world of mortals, mixed with memories of previous lives. Standing at the wandering intersection of the world with a little sad attitude, through the quiet night, piecing together a little time, keeping the promise of thousands […]

Call you

It is normal to gather spirits without distracting. There are also times when you are out of control, but not as much as today. No matter how gorgeous the sunshine is, the breeze in the morning passes over the woods and blows on the high post, and your mind is always uneasy. The personnel in […]


Thinking what appreciation later 1 yue fen summary, but immediately 3 yue fen all had 1 days. Now many factories have not started yet, which will take place after the 15th lunar calendar. The Spring Festival also makes people dizzy, but no matter what, the summary still needs to be written. On the surface, many […]


The beating heart can’t restrain the lingering feelings always lingering in my mind, waving a wave and not waving the melancholy in my heart, so I always want to read the stars in the dead of night, so I hope to remember my mind in the grid. Take it away quietly and pray for a […]


There is no rain in the morning, touching the wind of May, sucking the fragrance of soil in the air, stepping on the soft wooden slow track or the green flagstones full of green grass, and moving forward as always, to find a feeling of time cycle. The dress of spring changed round after round, […]


Under the arrogant Sun of May, walking through the muddy rain, I walked into the Phoenix tree beside the village. Fresh air dissolves into this quiet forest after the rain, walking along the path in the forest, carefully stepping, deeply afraid that the flowers which are stepped into mud by passers-by will be splashed again, […]