After snow

On a quiet night, the snow color was slightly cold under the starlight, staring at the light outside the window, sighing that the temperature of spring could not be determined. My mind was like a cigarette lit, I don’t know what kind of edge it is. The memory is as deep as yesterday. Tonight, countless […]


When I was young, I liked to pursue dreams. I always wanted to leave my parents’ arms, fly far away, and soar in a free Sky; I liked to be busy, and I met my friends from time to time, holding hands, shoulder to shoulder, walking through streets one after another, laughing and swaggering all […]


People who know how to brag also have certain advantages, especially in this society, as long as they play loudly, they can achieve great careers. Many people became famous by blowing, and the more they blew, the more vigorous they became. Finally, they became the gods worshiped by trillions of people! Once before, braggers were […]


Although is the winter season, but recent weather did not seem cold winter-like, more or like autumn-like weather, sometimes very cold, but often quite hot. For new always count, year really to passed. 12 yue 31 ri, we to write about 12 yue fen of my month, festival hasn’t arrived, so years behind us write. […]


Vicissitudes meddle laugh fleeting, time tear drop, night broken bonds. Who is looking forward to the short life, looking forward to wasting time and pity. Sadness is like the case of blowing Jade yesterday, the desk is wasted, and there will be beauty in the dream. Inscription (because of the friends who miss the space, […]


Recalling all kinds of things in childhood often makes people laugh and cry. But thinking that he was so brave at that time did not lie in daring to fight, but in daring to set up an ideal. Even though the ideals are just bubbles one after another, the pure and clear blue can still […]

Rain falls

Feeling a certain throb of life, always integrity a kind of desire for spring. Only with more persistence in faith can we grasp the reserve in life. Yes, in the early winter when the rain fell on my heart, I went out alone. The lonely figure, walking on the wild buildings, and even on the […]


I like to sit by the window alone in the quiet morning, waiting silently for the red sun coming out from nowhere to illuminate the mood of the day; I also like to look up at the mysterious starry sky in the deep night, there are all kinds of feelings in my heart; I also […]


Everyone wants to find a piece of sky to shine the light of his life. But on that day, we need to explore and make progress. No one can easily make a day for you to enjoy. You have to break through the cocoon of life and find a suitable position for yourself, so that […]

Ann keep

Apart from the worries and joys of the secular world and avoiding the trifles of real life, it is rare to steal some time in Floating Life, which is unexpectedly unnatural and leisurely. It seemed that the light from the shore lit up the path in front of me, no longer afraid of no longer […]