Love Song

Closing the book, there was still a dense drumming in my heart. 2014, my life is a peach blossom? It is better to believe what it has, but not to believe what it has! Who told me to read fortune-telling books? Anxious and full of expectation. Peach blossom, this noun with ambiguous atmosphere, who is […]

Foot line

Because of taking annual leave, I went to live in the country alone. Suddenly away from the noise of the crowd and the disturbance of work, I felt relaxed and excited. I am looking forward to such a life! The Tiger should return to the mountain, the bird should return to the forest, and people […]

I and

I went home at six o’clock, and it happened to be when the rain was heavy. Standing beside the bus stop, waiting for the bus. Before that, I just had a phone call with my friend and joked that today I can finally spend one yuan to go home by bus. When waiting for the […]

Most is

When dealing with books, I almost became a drug addict of books. I have written an essay called “book Fool”, which describes my obsession with books and my obsession with books. Indeed, books are my best friends in my life. With books, my life will not be lonely. I usually work as a Chinese teacher […]

xue qu

It is really the end of the year, the TV is playing up, the New Year goods in the neighbor’s house are piled up, and the joy of friends returning home is filled with, which makes me always feel compelled by time, when I was turning the calendar page by page, a large number of […]


I like reading, quiet, and enjoying the loneliness in my own world. I seldom speak and am introverted at ordinary times, which is the impression of many customers on me. I don’t like to say more and prefer to think, so I turn those words I don’t want to say into words. Most of the […]

Let life

In fact, I like traveling as many lives in my life. I not only like it, but also am deeply obsessed with it. Especially when I go to a place with profound cultural deposits, it makes my life linger, spaced out. To be honest, I liked traveling very much since I was a child, but […]