In my childhood, I liked streams and played in the woods, singing freely; When I was young, I envied waterfalls, dared to take risks and jumped out of beautiful life; Now I am old, I am more fond of the Autumn Water, quiet, calm, calm, calm, with fallen leaves and scenery. 2 Venus with broken […]


I saw the shadows of many people, black, without smiles on the ground. They were regarded as melodramatic sadness and laughed at them together with the night. And I don’t make any comments, I just want to write them. They are happy every day, just like a child who is always favored by the sunshine. […]

Summer is

The pace of time can’t be stopped. Different lives are enjoying the sunshine, air and rain in their own seasons to achieve and Bloom themselves, and in different ways in the cycle of the four seasons overlapping replacement, continued accumulation, flowers and plants one year old and one withered, trees Four Seasons one ring, there […]

The “Tong

There are more friends around me who are little aunt and Little Aunt. A friend asks, Hey, aren’t you a pre-school student? What do you think about this child? I didn’t know what to say at that time, because once bad habits were formed, it was really difficult to correct them. I don’t read much […]

Only and

I hope this winter will be warmer! Because this winter is suitable for me to think and read. I don’t know whether it is God’s favor to me or my bitter expectation; I don’t know whether God has heard my appeal or my daily prayer. In short, warm sun always follows all the way, either […]


The first time I saw you was in the business learning training class organized by the Family Planning Commission. There was no difference between you and other peers. You wore it in plain style, and you wore a sunny face without being dressed in pink, the corner of the eye also has the detailed imprints […]


The dark wounds of time are always hidden in the deep heart. Sometimes, it is really hard to detect. Unless you dig deep into your memory in the extreme silence, you can get a glimpse of the sad past contained in it. Maybe there is one or several unknown dark wounds hidden in everyone’s heart […]


Every time I go home, it has a different meaning. Do you still remember the scene of going home after leaving home for the first time? Is it that time to go home that always impressed every one of us? I remembered that the first time I left home was to study, which was the […]


There is a Yongledian Town in Tongzhou, and there is a banjiuhe village in the town. A Liangshui River winds its way, standing on the Dashi Bridge across the river, and you can see a panoramic view of the fields in Hebei province. This village has many water, trees and lands, which is indeed a […]


A flower blooms in the world. If it is beautiful and enchanting, everyone will like it and everyone will be full of praise. If a person lives in the world, if he is beautiful and generous, or even as fragrant and bright as flowers, he will certainly be appreciated by people. Why don’t we live […]