New Year

It is rare to go back to my hometown. The home of my grandparents was also the place where I remembered when I was a child. The popularity of the past was covered by a layer of dust, and the way to the door was crowded in a path, quiet, wet, secretly. The long-lost wooden […]


Red plum blossom on the red rock, stepping under the feet of thousands of miles of Frost, no fear of the cold in the 39th, a piece of heart is open to the sun. The teacher taught us to sing a song when we were in primary school, the ignorant urchin actually didn’t know the […]


On the last day of 2014, the temperature suddenly cooled down. Compared with the beautiful weather a few days ago, I was a little unprepared. After 12 o’clock tonight, 2014 can only look up and recall. 2014, always plain. In 2014, I met Mr. L, who gave me encouragement and support. Thank you for seeing […]


In my life, I would like to compare time to a beautiful violin more often, for the walkers in my years to listen carefully, listen to the ancient history, and listen to the ups and downs of the times, listen to the rhythm of life and the heart sounds from people’s hearts, listen to the […]


After going upstairs, I finally refused to go downstairs. When I went up and down, sweat soaked my hair tip. The grief of the seventh floor, the seventh floor which couldn’t afford to be hurt, no longer had the mood of pushing the window and looking far away after the boat and car were tired. […]


Life seemed to lose all the taste suddenly, and looting materials seemed to grab a lot of salt and put it into mouth to make up for the vacancy of taste. If you don’t feel satisfied, you have to grasp more and kill those sensitive and tiny tentacles on your tongue. Therefore, I have left […]


Retain the blue in that piece of memory as time goes by, the fragments of memory will gradually fade and blur, and gradually disappear. But some unforgettable memories will be sealed in the deep of the memory forever by Chen. Just like the treasures stored in the box, the aged wine in the wine cellar, […]

Please not

Xiaoni once again ushered in a new task, which was to borrow the craft in her warehouse regularly, and when the craft content was changed, she informed the borrowing staff one by one to change the page number content. No, Xiaoni started the work she had repeated many times again. She picked up the phone […]


(1) at first, all kinds of small food were tempted, and then I played the game of throwing a pen cap and picking it up by hands, playing the game that his hands were hidden in the bed and caught by me as a little mouse. When I opened my arms to hug him into […]


Maybe it was because of the cold weather that there were not many people in the bookstore, so it was deserted. Of course, I don’t like noisy scenes either. After all, bookstores are somewhat different from other places. Speaking of it, I am a regular customer of this bookstore, and I buy five or six […]