To word

The Flying Flowers in the dream are different, and a cup of Zen tea comforts the whole life. Some words and sentences are not filled with ink, but are taken in my arms. A period of life is not to please others’ eyes, but to perform a monologue belonging to oneself. The leading role is […]


Tired of sleep but away from sleep, the window opened. Who was listening to the sound of leaving at night, flowers or trees or the leaves that had just landed? Was it tired? The light dancing leaves are spinning and Fanning, with a little bit of air flow, which seems to be gently rubbed by […]


Distance, the cause of regret; Distance, the enemy of hope; Distance, the warmth of each other …… the line spacing between books beats the desire of galloping; The estrangement between books, it is the shortcoming of the alienated journey. Thousands of books can’t cover the vicissitudes and perseverance revealed by the ragged clothes of thousands […]


Put down the Cross of the soul and sleep well tomorrow will be full of flowers. Don’t immerse yourself in today’s mistakes. We adjust our pace and hum a song easily. Let yourself say to yourself without hesitation, I can pass the exam, give yourself confidence the preparation for so many days will not be […]

Heart cold

After having lunch, I had nothing to do. I wandered around the Internet with my mobile phone and watched all kinds of anecdotes and entertainment gossip, suddenly I saw an article about migrant workers and college students, whose content was the comparison between them. After reading it, I thought it was good, so I decided […]

A only

After a day’s rest, I turned off the phone. There were invitations yesterday noon and evening, so I quit unconsciously. However, it is time to quit the drinking in the past week. Once you have a rest, you will accompany your family. I cooked a meal at noon, and made it better at night. I […]


Late Autumn, a flash of rain sprinkles on the pavilion. The Sill chrysanthemum is sparse, the well Wu is messy, causing residual smoke. Sad, Wangjiang pass, flying clouds dim sunset. Song Yu felt sad at that time, facing the water and climbing the mountain. The pedestrians were sad and tired to listen to the long […]


Spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the four seasons of the year, I am afraid that my favorite seasons are spring and autumn. Facing the spring, I have too many emotions to express, too many emotions to release and flow, and more reverie to pause in a word, the thoughts that spring brings to me […]


Walking alone on the path under the moonlight, I unconsciously brought you into a kind of beauty of the past memories. There was silence in the field, only the companionship of the moonlight that I would never give up, then there are the singing of autumn insects and several barking from time to time in […]


I am a person who seldom slept, so I didn’t have the habit of sleeping by bus. So every time I went to the provincial capital to do business, I liked to bring a magazine to pass the time on the road. The scenery along the way was already familiar with and no longer fresh. […]