In the Midnight Dream, the sunflower planted by myself was swaying in the wind, telling me its feelings. I woke up with tears streaming down my face. I don’t know whether my old father is still watering the sunflower that I planted in front of the door by myself, or whether my old mother is […]


I couldn’t help shivering when the cool breeze blew. In fact, there is bright and hot sunshine, but for a person whose heart is already cold, even if the whole person is thrown into the vast sea of fire, he will not feel any warmth. I was like walking into the polar region. There was […]


For a long time, my emotions have been in a sentimental state. It is easy to touch the scene and live in love. I am very nostalgic. A novel, a TV play and a movie can easily make my tears flow, not affectation, there is no falsity, and it is indeed so real. Most of […]


Time can change a lot, except for more and more nostalgia. Is it joy or melancholy that I am about to graduate? We are about to graduate. Unexpectedly, at this moment, this sentence would echo in my mind again and again. TIME witnessed my growth, but my young heart was still ignorant. Time was about […]


Yesterday, a colleague of the unit called to say that a new policy was issued for family planning. Retired cadres and workers who gave birth to an only child could enjoy a subsidy of 80 yuan per month, asking me to bring the only child certificate, retirement certificate, identity card, two one-inch Short-shot photos go […]


In our life, there are always some incomplete objects for various reasons. Maybe they are lying quietly in a corner that is often forgotten, like static notes, stay in the empty sky, pecking our hearts. I have a delicate cardboard box, in which there is a watch without lid, a purple sand teapot without lid, […]

Do not forget

Spring elimination snow Spring elimination snow, multi-the yao nian, unspoken. Reading from afar, it is just above that snowfield. The snow is really beautiful, after all it is spring… Waiting Waiting is a kind of persistence, sticking to a certain belief and never giving up. Maybe because of a certain commitment, or because of a […]


Standing at the foot of the mountain, next to the Virgin Mary Bixia shaping her body, looking at the face of the Virgin with a full moon, listening to the generous and knowledgeable senior brother telling us the familiar grateful story of the local people. The dragon with stone body circling down from the mountain […]

san yue

The rain in March is soft, soft, soft, light, hazy, moist, successive, thin, itchy on the skin and bright on the tender leaves, looking from a distance, it was a piece of fog covering the top of the mountain. Looking up, I looked up and looked up at the wisps like threads and hooks, bathing […]


The picture scroll of spring unfolds slowly, and the mountains and fields after rain are full of green in the sunshine bath. The breath of spring is like a fragrance with fresh grass. A bright nature, graceful and poetic. I wrote in a shallow way, turning the past that I had accumulated for many years […]