Track, maybe many people will think of love and the mistress in marriage. But if we think about it, we will find that many things in life are related to it. For example, flower heart, for example, we often say that we are not single-minded in career. I can’t cheat on my thoughts. My sister […]


I am a person who doesn’t work hard. Of course, I am right if I don’t do well. Therefore, I can only say my own opinions about this text. Let me tell you the stories around me, hoping to have a feeling for you, even a little bit. Because for people who do business and […]


Where to go to play on New Year’s Day? It seems to be what I just said yesterday. In a flash, a month has passed. Thinking about when the students are going to start school, in a flash, they are all on holiday. I once thought that 2015 was so far away that it came […]


In a trance, I don’t know if I should write down these words. In the evening, the gray ceiling lamp on the roof of my bed, as long as I close the curtain and turn off all the lights, it will cause trouble on it like a ghost lamp. I can’t remember when it was […]

Yi Wei

Wen/Xin Hai Yi Wei years will come to an end. For me, this year may be the suffering and transition of life. The desire for a better life is something that every living person enjoys. For the sake of your dreams, you will always feel that you are OK. When a person challenges life with […]


The most important thing in life is life. Life lies not in length, but in quality. A successful life is the perfect combination of health quotient, EQ and IQ, and the three are the important pillars of the building of life. With a little bias, the building of life will be like a tofu project, […]

Spring Rhyme

The spring on the plateau was still cold and chilly in the ice and snow. It was not until the end of April that I felt a little smell of spring in the green light squeezed out from the corner of the wall and the cracks on the roadside. The faint green, as shy and […]


Love, warmth and hope. Who is complaining that April has lost fragrance? In the empty sky, white clouds were also circling with the mood, or white pigeons waving their wings in the afternoon, because the thick clouds seemed to be wrapped by some hatred. The so-called growth seems to have no choice but to expect, […]


For many years, the noise in the world has disturbed me, and I really want to choose a quiet place to place my soul. Let the soul release itself and Bloom its inner elegance. In this way, I feel more quiet; Secondly, I can have a home. It won’t be possible to run east and […]

Snow Mountain

Some people say that good music can purify human soul! But for music, I can’t talk about any exploration, because appreciating music is a matter of technical level, and listening to music can completely put aside the fetters of understanding and ignorance, profession and unprofession, as long as you like it. Every time in spare […]