My fear is in two seasons, one in hot summer and the other in cold winter. It is the invigilation period of the exam at the end of a semester. I used to compare invigilation to the imprisonment of professional sense on our body and mind. The unspeakable helplessness was written in our nervous and […]


I often read newspapers and books. When I read some leftover men and women or other love stories, I cannot help sighing that they are struggling for great love in their lives, and when they fail to pursue it, some chose to die. Life is precious. Life can’t stand the test of time and frustration […]


But now I have no good impression on the city life I yearned for in the past, and even have some hatred. There are many tall buildings, heavy traffic, neon lights and shops, which symbolize the abundance of materials and the progress of society. People also seem to be enjoying full happiness. In fact, otherwise, […]


At dusk that day, I finished my meal, put down my job, pulled slippers, and led my big head to the Company yard for a walk. The big head bounced and danced happily in the lawn. After running crazily for a while, he was so tired that he leaned into the lawn obediently. He opened […]


For a beautiful legend engraved on the stars and the moon, deep in the smoke wave, I set out from the corridor of Xiangge and lifted up the seasonal dress in the world of mortals with the Lotus steps of Shanshan, sitting in the park, I borrowed the rhyme of a new word to see […]


Wen/Ren Zuoping QQ524922862 sometimes, at that moment, there was a kind of grievance that had no place to vent. I wanted to delete all my friends, reset my memory, and didn’t struggle with some stabbing words, grief! Ask yourself? As? Why, but I still struggle, block my heart, unspeakable sadness, nowhere to vent, depressed or […]


Although my mother is illiterate, I think she is an artist, at least in my eyes. When I was young, the living conditions in rural areas were not very good, but my ingenious mother always tried to deal with it. She managed the dressing and eating of the whole family, which was quite reasonable. In […]


In the autumn of 2008, I was ill. I couldn’t eat it during the day and wanted to vomit when I was holding a bowl; I didn’t have the strength to work, so I wanted to sit still; I couldn’t sleep at night, and my stomach was bulging, like thousands of ants biting. I had […]


Looking back for ten years, with a flick of a finger, the years have gone through ten years in a hurry. In this period of time, struggle and struggle are the main melody of life, ten years have turned an ignorant teenager who just came out of campus into a smooth and exquisite social talent. […]


The boy’s bright eyes and joyous smiling face make him particularly cute. Looking at him, I sighed in my heart: children are innocent and lovely, but as long as we measure the scores, it is abrupt like having six fingers, which is different from others. I was like a gardener who was going to have […]