I and

I am looking for your breath along the way, but I forget that you are already gone. Beating horses across the grassland, never picking a petal, but stealing your fragrance all the way. I want to use the time of a song to forget everything, but forget my seven-second memory without fish. It is said […]

It cry

But secretly, it was very sad. How to reduce it for you, but it is deeply rooted in your flesh and blood. Constantly sink and melt. Who gives you the quiet, leave it beside you. Just like everlasting, quiet, even the world can not see. The trace of searching, there is breath of suffocation. In […]


In the rainy season, it was wet everywhere. The walkways, floors, and the clothes and towels all gave off a damp smell everywhere, and even the heart was cool. This kind of dull breath doesn’t suit me. The skeleton is like a broken frame. The nerve seems to be torn and split. The chest is […]

Low eyebrow

Maybe because it is a woman, she always likes to face the world with a light mood, like the light fragrance, light color, like to show people with a light smile, even music also likes the light melody, in this life, I only hope to be a light woman, not flaunting, not indulgence, with a […]


Perfectionism is a kind of aesthetic pursuit. Among many precious stones, diamonds show the incomparable spirit of King with their noble brilliance. Under the platinum accessories, it gives off a shining and charming light, which makes people excited. In life, the temperament is the same, just need a time, a distance, or a stage. Life […]

Garnet branch

The attention to Pomegranate is not very high. Although Pomegranate Flower is very charming and pretty. But because pomegranate is hard to peel, I can’t remember how long I haven’t eaten pomegranate, and even its taste has been forgotten. The ancients called it thousand houses with the same film, and the pomegranate with a Thousand […]


The thinking and ability of self-protection are the instinct of life. In fact, it is not only human beings, but also many creatures in nature. Of course, the self-protection measures of many animals include not only preventive measures, but also emergency measures taken in emergency situations. People are different, because the advanced nature of people […]


When the rain was too big and too small, it pattered for a day. In the evening, I walked alone in the lonely rain lane with an umbrella. The rain flied with the wind, and the thin spring rain fell on my face and body, feeling a little cool at once. The hot and dry […]

Who will

Many years ago, at the school radio station, the announcer broadcasted an article of mine, “walking on the path in the field”. Until now, I still remember a sentence in the article: I really want to live a childhood. The happy and moving girl in the article has always been in my heart and never […]


Summer is a romantic season. In this season, Cheongsam becomes a beautiful scenery in the streets and lanes. Women are originally graceful, and the embellishment of cheongsam adds a lot of bright colors to the city, which also makes the city full of elegance and tenderness. The most gentle thing is that lowered one’s head, […]