In the morning, I opened the window and looked around. What I saw was the dark yellow all over the mountains. Just yesterday, yes, just yesterday, the green all over the mountains and plains, how did it turn into dark yellow overnight, and time went by for another year in a hurry! Rubber tree, euphoraceae […]

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A man with two children doesn’t know how many roads he has to walk to recognize the responsibility on his shoulder. Up to now, I haven’t found the answer. For a long time, a woman who has no blood relationship with the children has been silently watching the growth of the two children. She surf […]


A forgetful man, Sha Yue, lives at home. If you want to be a good man, you must be forgetful. Don’t bring home the troubles in social work. The leader gave a lesson, and the colleague ran a lot; He accidentally filled the wrong form, and was calculated 50 yuan in the business field; even […]


The North Wind and Blizzard performed the dance music together finally came to an end, and the world welcomed the first sunny night sky after snow. Originally, the gray clouds piled up in the sky suddenly disappeared, and the stars shot a little cold light from the distant sky. The crescent moon hung in the […]


Tanabata, I’m drunk. 820 will pass in half an hour. Maybe when you grow up, you can’t smell the fragrance of roses, you can’t touch your lover far away, and you can’t find the distant direction. I stood on the cross street, not lost my way, but didn’t know where to go. It was the […]


I have been under pressure since I started working recently. Because it is a key work station, the pressure naturally comes. When I started to work, I felt like I wanted to escape. I am very afraid of what will happen next, involving myself. Only after work, the whole body pressure was relieved. You can […]


When you feel depressed, you might as well take a look at articles such as Mr. Wang Meng’s serenity. Maybe under various circumstances, such articles have already been read well,, if you read the works that touch each other in different situations, the understanding of the works will be different. This kind of reading method […]


Here; I borrow a glass of wine from the ancients to respect all the people who met wrongly. May time give you self, inspiration, and slowly precipitate in the flowing years. Life is like sitting in the car window and watching the scenery. When some past events turn into memories, the rapid time brings those […]


On a sunny spring day, several schools held a sports meeting together. I was responsible for recording my scores. Many children who had been taught in my previous school came to talk to me, which made me sigh with emotion, after three years of absence, these children and boys have grown taller and stronger, and […]

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When I was young, I always admired PLA and even had the desire to be a soldier when I grew up. No matter who asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up? I would answer without thinking and flatly: I will be the liberation army when I grow up! It was at […]