At night, I was bathing in the gentle night breeze, wandering alone beside the jiushui River in Dexing, watching the colorful night scene and feeling the night of the small city.

Under the decoration of decorative lights, the tranquil jiushui River is like a colorful brocade with various styles, colorful and charming scenery. The flowing river slowly reflects colorful and dreamy lights, which are charming, gorgeous and colorful, making people intoxicated. Colorful neon lights reflect buildings, pavilions, trees and lampposts along the river in the water, shining like pieces of gemstones, forming colorful wonders. Leisure pedestrians are like visiting in the picture.

The lights of Dexing square were on, and the lights of Rainbow Bridge were also on. The lights shot the green trees like a transparent lantern on the roadside surrounded by trees, people can’t tell whether it is a real tree or a fake tree. Its light is not strong, revealing the warm color of orange and light green, which can only illuminate the foot, but can see the road under the foot clearly. The high headlight in the middle of the square shined the square as if in the daytime. The small light scattered in the withered grass emitted faint light, like stars dotted with light and green trees, reflecting each other and shining. The beautiful scenery made people excited and couldn’t help reciting Guo Moruo’s street in the sky: The street lights in the distance were clear, as if there were countless stars shining. The stars in the sky appeared, as if countless street lamps were lit. I think in the misty sky, there must be beautiful street lights shining like stars, which merge into a dazzling variety of street lamps, colorful lights and decorative lights to dress up the town as a world of fire trees and silver flowers, it adds colorful patterns to citizens.

Into Dexing Square. Some people chatted, some played fists and swords, some played, played, played and sang, and some took a walk in the idle room, crowded with people and bustling. The most eye-catching nature is still the group of people dancing with music. Most of them are middle-aged and elderly people, dressed in uniform clothes, like twisting and dancing, accompanied by urgent or slow music rhythm, skilled movements stretch. The cheerful music floated over the square, the light and flexible arms were waving, the brisk dance steps kissed the passionate hot land, the steps taken were charming, the dance was soft and charming. The rhythm is gently rippling, song after song, burst after burst, a posture connected with a movement, accompanied by the vibration of black hair, in the psychedelic lamp shadow, show the beauty of women and the masculinity of men. Touching the hearts of onlookers. There are also children swimming through the fish with two kinds of skateboard, and the laughter like Silver Bell is so lively and lovely. The old people moved their waist around the square to relax themselves. There are young boys and girls talking with each other, the beauty of youth is shining, and a young and frivolous smell is floating. There are some people sitting on the lawn, Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere here and breathe fresh air. If Dexing square is a static picture, then the crowd is a dynamic scenery. I wandered there and enjoyed the fun at this time. The Dexing of the night is full of vitality everywhere, full of vitality everywhere, and full of the scene of seizing every minute.

The street lamps stand gracefully on both sides of the road, giving off yellow and white light. The pleasant colors match each other, illuminating the black road quietly and also illuminating the wandering people. In the middle of the road, vehicles coming and going are running, which adds a lot of excitement and prosperity to the auspicious and warm environment.

On both sides of the bustling Shanghai Road, there are many shops. Through the glass doors and windows, people who like to visit the night market are choosing their favorite goods. Outside a big shopping mall, a huge TV screen was hanging, and commercial advertisements were being played. A strong commercial atmosphere came to my face.

The night was deep, and I stood in the night wind, breathing the fresh and clean air of the town, as if I was in the world of lights and dreamy ocean. Staring at the streets with changing colors, I felt excited and gratified in my heart. What flashed in my mind was: strolling on the streets to enjoy the night scene and being a Dexing person without hesitation! The night spread like splashing ink, the crowd dispersed, and the small town seemed quiet and peaceful. Under the weak street lamp, I went home in the night of the small town.

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