I know little about Ningxia, mainly from the introduction of a girl.

She is a native of Ningxia. In 2004, because of work, he stayed in the strange land of Peng’an. She was dressed simply and rustic like a peasant woman who had not gone far away. She looks so ordinary that it is easy to ignore her existence. But she had a stable and enviable job. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, I am wouldn’t believe it. She never dressed herself up and kept the truth at any time, which made her look a little old-fashioned and weird in the bustling crowd.

She is a doctor. The first time I met him was in the winter of 2010. One of my relatives accidentally fell from the balcony on the third floor and was covered with black and blue wounds. The situation was critical. Xun carried it back to the nearest district hospital and it was her who received the Doctor. She was skillful in inserting needles, catheters and infusion. Facing the anxious urge and inquiry from relatives. She dealt with it calmly. A calm and well-trained look made me start to look at her with new eyes.

As soon as she got familiar with it, she told me in Mandarin with a strong accent that she was from Ningxia.

When I didn’t know her, I didn’t know much about Ningxia. I just stayed on the Internet media or other people’s words and hearsay. In my cognition, Ningxia belongs to the northwest minority area, where many Hui compatriots live. A large part of the terrain in Ningxia is the Loess Plateau, where there are few vegetation, drought and water shortage, backward economy, and people living in poverty. It seems that some answers can also be found from her.

Later, we often stayed together, and she often talked about her beautiful hometown.

She said that she lived beside the Yellow River and slept with the songs of the Yellow River every night. The Yellow River in dry season is like a gentle and quiet girl, flowing quietly, and the singing at night is soft and comfortable. The Yellow River in flood season was vigorous and arrogant, and the hysterical Roar made people shudder. She said that when she was free, she liked to stand on the bank of the Yellow River, looking at the distant river in a trance. She seemed to flow far away along with the river, and that feeling was very wonderful. She looked forward to the outside world. How good it would be if she could go to far and far places like the river. When she was bored, she would also pick up a small piece of light pebbles and bend down to throw them out like a brother. The Stones floated far away against the water like a trick, at the same time, a string of beautiful water splashes were splashed. Although the Yellow River often overflowed and flooded her home, she did not hate her. She said she had special feelings for the Yellow River.

Later, I heard that she divorced. As a friend, I have to see her. Before I spoke, she told me about her hometown and her vineyard. When she was very young, her father planted a large area of grapes. The three brothers and sisters went to the garden every day to weed and stand in winter; Pruning and fruit pruning in spring; Bagging in summer to drive birds; Fattening in autumn to kill insects. The hard work gave birth to a string of sweet grapes. In the vineyard, she learned to work, learned to pay and gain, and understood some truths of being a human being. Relying on the Vineyard, the three brothers and sisters went to school and went out of the house. She spoke calmly, with a trace of sadness in her eyes. I couldn’t bear to interrupt her, just listening quietly. In her mind, the vineyard carries her childhood dream, and the laughter and singing of the three brothers and sisters are preserved in the vineyard. The Vineyard also brings her family thoughts. I really hope that vineyard can soothe her sadness in her heart.

She is a good girl, and her colleagues all say so, so I don’t know? But destiny always played tricks on others, leaving her alone in the distant foreign land without mercy. I tentatively asked: Do you want to go back to Ningxia? She shook her head and said without thinking: No, my job and career are here.

Facing such a simple, hardworking, kind and strong girl, my heart is filled with sincere respect. As the saying goes, a side water and soil raises a side people. I couldn’t help longing for the place where she was born and raised.

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