Light up

Time unconsciously reincarnates in the season. Just like a glass of hourglass, whether you care about it or not, it will never stop moving forward. Suddenly, the season of falling leaves. Meditation, the traces of walking all the way, those shallow footprints behind, record the dribs and drabs of the fleeting time.

Standing at the intersection of time, looking back at the past. Many people, many things, many desires and longings which were once full of flowers and branches, still flow slowly in the long river of time, and look back silently. Taking stock of every mood text, it more or less reveals slight melancholy and heaviness, as well as unreasonable melancholy and confusion.

Life is full of too much unknown and helpless. Strive hard to become a sunflower family, try to smile at the sunshine, because the place where the sunshine starts is the paradise of dreams. The sky is still pure blue, and life is still light white. With dreams, I searched and wandered all the way on the journey of youth; I didn’t know whether to raise my head all the way, and the sky would light up, but I knew, if you keep lowering your head, you will never see the blue sky with your own eyes.

I have always felt that many things are actually so hard to figure out. It seems that it has become a habit to walk down so quietly. Who is not a child who is easily injured. In those days when I grew up, there was always a trace in my heart. As the outline of time began to be complete, I never recovered. Some people and some things are deeply rooted in the heart. As long as the breeze blows, it will shake continuously. As time goes by, it is still difficult to erase that clarity. Walking forward with the bag of memory, occasionally, opening the memory, you will lose your eyes if you turn over the dust.

The older you are, the easier it is to hide yourself. If you learn to say something insincere and dislike something, you have to force yourself to do something you feel meaningless. Listen to some people, telling some truths endlessly, we have to play our own role when we grow up. When we grow up, we grow up quietly. Every day, we continue our own necessity. You will laugh heartless and cry heartless. Growth is always accompanied by happiness and sadness. In the process of carving oneself slowly, many things were lost along with it. It was forever and could not be found again.

The past is like smoke, and leaves are silent. Time is destroying something and shaping something. Gradually faded away those frivolous, those stupid. Become less concerned, quiet and indifferent. So quiet, watching the flowers bloom and fall, listening to the long flow of water, counting the four seasons of reincarnation. Recalling the past, I can smile calmly. What you have lost can only make yourself slightly moved.

The color I like also changes from dark to light. I don’t like the gorgeous color, I like that kind of light feeling. A slight smile is like a breeze in summer and a ray of sunshine in winter, which makes people infatuated inadvertently. A little bit of flowers are very fresh; A little bit of sky is very high; A little bit of sorrow is very clear; A little bit of loneliness is very beautiful.

Light. Xu Zhimo said: You remember it, you ‘d better forget it.

Light. Xi Murong said: write 300 poems written in the sky with light clouds and breeze.

Light. Shu Ting said: It seems to be separated forever, but it also depends on each other for life.

Light. Lin Yutang said: If you go, I will not send you; If you come, no matter how hard it is, I will pick you up. Time is like a cup of still water, which is still deep and can still flow deep, while a mood has nothing to do with the wind and moon, and the water is gone. Many things seem to have their own arrangements. No matter how hard or how devout they are, they cannot change their tracks. After all, we are not angels. Only, put down, feel free. Life as distant as the sky is your expectation lost in the clouds. Your pursuit and belief can be found everywhere. Then give yourself a chance to forgive time and past.

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