April arrived quietly, on the branch of spring. The spring scenery is bright, the dance is not full of warm wind and gentle joy of the whole life, with a peaceful heart, quietly watching the full of flowers; A touch of colorful beauty, not dyed a little dust.

Afternoon warm. The sunlight hit the transparent glass window, scattered into a bunch, and then converged on the ground, leaving a bright flower, which brightened half of the house. I ran to the window joyfully, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds. My eyes were swayed by the sunshine. Out of instinct, I put my hands in front of my forehead. The sun in spring is not as hot as summer, nor as cold as winter. It is like a friend who meets again after a long separation. Once they meet, they will have endless words.

Outside the window, the leaves have turned green. This kind of green is light, simple and elegant, and easy to get close, which makes people feel Steadfast without aggressive momentum. The peach blossom withered, and the falling petals lay in the shallow grass fragmentary. It went through the cycle of four seasons to show its beauty in spring, but it had to wither and fade in a hurry, leaving no trace of fragrance. However, there is no need to feel sorry and distressed for it. Thanks for the flowers, green leaves and fruitful fruits.

When the breeze comes, the spring water in that pool is blue and slightly blue, just like the ripples appearing when the young girl’s heart is rippling in the spring, which will be shocked and disturbed. The Weeping Willows at the edge of the pool were swaying back and forth, with slender waist branches swinging. The beautiful figure was glittering and floating in the water. A woman under the willow tree stood against the tree, with her head wrapped around her shoulder, dancing in the wind. The wind pulled up her skirt corner, floating like dust and smoke. Not far away from her, a handsome man, holding a book of songs in his hand, read the book of life and death, and told Zi Cheng. Hold Your Hand and grow old with you. Her eyes fixed on him, with uncontrollable joy on her face, and her beautiful appearance could not cover the love flashing between her eyebrows. In an instant, the man suddenly turned his head and looked towards her direction. She had no time to take back the deep feeling on the string. A face of astonishment hit his clear eyes. Her cheeks blushed and she stood there at a loss, silly looking at him. He seemed to be aware of her discomfort and gave her a slight smile, which was like a wisp of spring breeze, blowing her young girl’s heart in bud.

When I was young, I was in such a war and chaos like her. That year, I was 15 years old and just entered junior high school. He was a newly graduated college student and served as an English teacher in our class. I remembered that it was a night with dense stars. It was the first time that he came into our class with a serious expression. The noisy classroom suddenly calmed down. I was immersed in reading and felt the atmosphere was abnormal. I looked at the platform and saw what he was talking about with the classmates at the first table beside me. Then I walked around the classmates and went back to the platform, staring at us. I looked at this new teacher secretly. He was tall and thin, with a melon-seed face and a awe-inspiring and upright look. Although he was not handsome, he was as handsome as the sunshine. Wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers, this is my favorite match. His eyes stayed beside me for a moment. I lowered my head in a panic and pretended to turn over the book as if nothing had happened. Only I knew that there were ten thousand horses galloping in my heart, and the Heat rushed up, my cheeks are very hot. He said a lot in that class, but I didn’t hear a word, The only thing printed on his mind was his gentle smile. The stars of that night must all fall on him, so that I still remember his shining appearance many years later.

Maybe he just started to take the position of teacher, so he put all his energy on us. In the first week, he could always be seen in the classroom every afternoon. He didn’t leave until he went to night lessons. Because of his serious expression in class, his classmates were somewhat revered by him, and they didn’t know how to pretend to understand English questions. That afternoon, the bloody canyang gave out feeble afterglow. He stood by the window, and I saw a trace of melancholy under the outline of his red sunset. Why didn’t I come to the classroom for so many days? I didn’t see a classmate asking me a question. Did you understand all the knowledge I told? He smiled and said. I know that I am strict with everyone in class at ordinary times. You are afraid that I am normal. As long as you don’t make mistakes, how can the teacher make trouble for no reason? If you don’t understand the knowledge, you must ask me, I promise to speak patiently. Students nobody said anything. Sitting in the corner of the classroom, I shouted to the teacher, and I had a question to ask. Thereby touching exploded with laughter. Later, he gradually became familiar with us and helped the students who had difficulties with their own abilities. This teacher, like the elder brother next door, became one with us and talked about everything.

In that semester, my English scores soared all the way, and other subjects also advanced by leaps and bounds. Therefore, at the beginning of the second semester, I was transferred to the fast class. The classroom of the fast class is far away from other classes. I am separated from him by a long river, and I can’t cross it no matter how hard I try. There were fewer opportunities to see him, and I couldn’t adapt to the learning environment of the fast shift. During that time, my heart was filled with mixed feelings, which made me depressed beyond words. Every time the teacher plays a game, I always go to see it because he is there. Two years passed quickly. That period of junior high school life was gorgeous because of him. Maybe he never knew those silent gazing, but I will always remember them. Some people are just a meteor in life, passing through for a short time, but leaving good memories of life.

I have not given birth to you, but I am old when I give birth to you

You hate me for giving birth late, I hate you for giving birth early

Hate not same time, day and jun hao

If we were born at the same time, we met and knew each other at the right time, and we happened to pass each other’s corner when love passed by, that would be great!

Unforgettable lingering whispers, use your smile to pay tribute to me, let your heart die in brilliance, let love reborn in ashes, fire burned grass marks, and see another spring breeze of the year, I like this “dark fragrance” which is mixed with slight sadness and beautiful peace in my heart. If there is love in your heart, someone will come. The past passes through the Lake of your heart gently. Youth will never feel painful, and the future will be bright as stars.

April in the world, the spring is burning, charming and moving, everything goes back to the original purity. My heart Xiangyang, internati Fangfei. That blessing, along with the scenery into the painting, that trace of Miss, along with the time into the heart. This spring, with a beautiful mood, all the way forward.

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