Yesterday, I saw a piece of news on the Internet: a professional female beggar asked for traveling expenses at the Nanjing subway entrance, with an average daily income of 1,000 yuan. This news caught my attention, because it was so consistent with the prose I was about to write, I read it carefully. According to […]


Cats like eating fish, but cats can’t swim; Fish like eating earthworms, but fish can’t go ashore after all. There are too many temptations in life, but you are not allowed to get them easily. In life, you should put down what you should put down and stick to what you should stick. This journey […]


During the years I lived in a big city, I felt a lot of pressure every day. Compared with the time when I was in my hometown, although there was pressure, I didn’t feel the smell that could not be breathed out. Perhaps, this is the characteristic of big cities. I have asked many people, […]


May Morning is beautiful. The morning breeze, cool, refreshing and comfortable, gently blows her cheek and lifts her skirt. Her beautiful long hair is elegant and agile in this fragrant morning breeze. She walked along the river alone, seemingly casually and leisurely. In fact, her steps were a little messy. There are countless soft ripples […]


If life is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind sad painting fan. This is the classic verse of the famous poet Nalan Xingde in Qing Dynasty. Yes, what a happy thing it would be if one’s life only remained in the beauty of the first encounter! However, in the rolling world […]

To North

Once there was a snow in the forest, which was the first snow of that year. It was surprising and exclaimed that large tracts of white elves fell in the sky. I walked in the forest with her. I saw her looking white in the forest. There was a heavy snow in the forest. Everything […]


In recent years, almost all the eyes of Chinese people have focused on the problems related to environmental pollution such as haze, air pollution, water resources and garbage, and the economy has developed, people almost respect and cherish life more. This is progress, the progress of human beings and the progress of the world. However, […]


With this injured expression, I am like a stubborn child, killing all the way, escaping all the way, youth. In June this year, it was her and her senior high school entrance examination. She loves to be quiet, and likes to go back to the countryside, raise flowers, grow grass and raise dogs. She was […]

I in

Autumn has passed, colorful Luoying situation has come to end. -Time value is entering winter, cold! Usher in the snowflakes season. In this cold winter, who is not looking forward to the coming of spring? Who do not expect the spring season? Who not long for a better tomorrow? Season is, life is also true! […]